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  1. I'm late to the party, but I am utterly disgusted with the change they've made and the formatting of the Monthly Schedule --- for *many* reasons! I agree with all you have mentioned, TopBilled. The way it used to be I could copy & paste it into a spreadsheet --- do my excel magic --- and keep my own format (relational dbase) and use it to do a lookup in my database of films I own or have seen, allowing me to focus on movies I haven't seen. They actually did change the formatting back a couple of years ago which rendered my excel macros/formulae/algorithms useless ... so I created
  2. I haven't checked up on the TCM forum in some time. I appreciate your mentioning Nob Hill. I couldn't even remember having seen it, but I did have it in my collection so am watching it now - so far I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and Peggy Ann's performance ... delightful!
  3. Thanks so much! I guess I never thought of looking through the Daily/Weekly listings that far ahead. I generally use the Month schedule - it's easiest to scroll through. I also made a macro in excel, dump the data in and create a tabular listing and have a lookup formula to check against my database for films I don't have/haven't seen.
  4. Hi blueyedblonde1956 - I seem to recall Susan Hayward, Barbara Stanwyck and Lauren Bacall being highlighted, if not stars of the month at one time or another. Bette Davis has been a few times, I think, over the years. They are all good choices. Peggy Ann Garner is less well-known, and had a very limited career since she died pretty young, but it is because she is less popular that I'd like to see her highlighted - plus she resembles my Granddaughter . I am in your age-bracket and I agree that I wish the silent films were a weeknight, but it wouldn't sound as catchy as 'Silent Sunday'.
  5. Thanks for that info - I should have guessed that. BTW, how can you view the March 2020 schedule? I remember quite a few years ago you could click on current month, plus the next two months under 'Month Schedule', but when they did a change to the website that disappeared and all I can see now is the current month. Is there somewhere else I can access the March schedule on tcm.com?
  6. John Pressman - yes! Million Dollar Movie ... Yes! GWTW theme music! Great channel - I *loved* it and watched many movies many time ... yes, especially King Kong & Mighty Joe Young! I think WPIX (channel 11) had a movie show also that I frequently watched for a good movie as a kid. I think my father told me that GWTW was the first movie that cost a million dollars to make, which is why they named that show 'Million Dollar Movie' - not sure if that is true, but my Dad understood it to be. And additional trivia, my Mom told me when she went to the theatre to see GWTW when it came out,
  7. I feel much the same as MISSWONDERLY3. It is exactly like favorite music. Only with films you can get even more emotionally attached. I also have amassed a HUGE collection of films -- so many, in fact, that I created an Excel 'database' to be sure I don't purchase or copy one I already have! A brief list of some that I will watch every time it's on TCM would be: (most recently) Life With Father (1947); In the Good Old Summertime (1949) as well as Shop Around the Corner (1940) (Same story, somewhat of a remake, as is the updated version 'You've Got Mail' ...which I don't repe
  8. I totally agree! I often find the films that are nominated and awarded for Oscars are not always to my liking, and others would be, IMHO, much more worthy. Same with critics choices. And let's face it - there is obviously Hollywood-politics involved, and I am afraid often those who are promoted are not often promoted necessarily because of their talent (if you get my drift). I have not watched any of the Award shows in years -- and largely because of the political bashing that is purely annoying if not down-right offensive. I certainly am not going to take political advise from pe
  9. I just noticed that February 2020 has no cartoons or other kid-friendly shorts and/or series scheduled for Saturday mornings. I especially looked forward to some of these old time films and it was great to save them on the DVR for when the grand-kids visit. Whoever is in charge of programming might want to keep in mind that the youth of today will be the viewership of tomorrow. Please bring back the 'toons!
  10. I don't know what tree they are, but they look like trees that have been severely pruned with an outgrowth of water sprouts/suckers/shoots. It's hard to tell what tree it is without seeing the leaves or the bark. I just did a little poking around online and wonder if it could be a European Beech. Here is a picture of an 'ancient' Beech Tree in England: https://www.mindenpictures.com/search/preview/ancient-beech-trees-fagus-sylvatica-lineover-wood-gloucestershire-uk-the/0_90733332.html or search: european-beech-tree-fagus-sylvatica-ancient-pollard-burnham from the alamy.com we
  11. I would like to suggest PEGGY ANN GARNER for STAR OF THE MONTH. There are a few of her films I have not seen, but would like to, but every role I've seen her play I thought was outstanding. Instead of the 'usual suspects' for SOTM, it would be a breath of fresh air to see a new face highlighted on TCM. Does anyone agree with me? Vote for Peggy Ann Garner ... or suggest your pick!
  12. I was hoping to make a movie suggestion, but it keeps showing an error. Is anyone else having an issue like this? I'm going to post a new topic, 'MOVIE SUGGESTIONS' and make my suggestion(s) that way. I welcome any comments or help. Thanks in advance! NYC born
  13. I can't understand someone describing The Godfather as 'boring'. However, comparing it to Goodfellas is a little like apples and oranges. The Godfather is more of an epic story and is more about the old 'moustache' mafia and drills down into the characters more. I think the acting is of a higher caliber as well. Goodfellas is actually based of real events and characters and takes place in more modern times. It has a great soundtrack and is probably more fast-paced and 'action packed' than The Godfather. I like both. Another great film of the genre is Mobsters - which is also ba
  14. We attended the big screen showing today and these Fathom Events bringing back classics (and some ‘not so classic’ oldies) in theatres is fantastic! Ben Mankiewicz was great as always as host and offered some neat tid-bits of trivia. It is really something seeing the youthful Pacino, Duvall, Caan and Keaton on screen. Hard to believe it’s the 45th Anniversary! With regards to the film, The Godfather, the acting was superb. The scene when Duvall has to tell Don Corleone that they killed Sonny, his deep sorrow and pain is palpable through his subtle facial expressions – and then the singl
  15. Well said, misswonderly3, I agree with all you said. There is quite a contrast between their 'business' and their personal relationships which can be very warm and loving and their family bonds/loyalty (or lack thereof, in the case of Freddo).
  16. Regarding the scar-making vaccination, yes, I was ready to post about this until I saw your post. I remember mine was tiny and circular (size of a small pea). My Mom's was much larger -- the size and shape of an almond (in the shell). (Funny thing - my scar has disappeared now). The polio vaccination was a shot (and then later orally on sugar cube) and did not leave a scar. I remember I was always proud because I never cried when we would get our shots ...in striking contrast to my cousin, who always whaled! I being a girl and he a boy made me feel even prouder . Regarding the pun --
  17. I have seen 261 - A couple of them in the theatre when they came out, but for the most part all on TCM ... the ultimate place for classic film fans. Speaking of guest programmers, I was happily surprised to see Dennis Miller in this role for May. I'm not only a huge fan of TCM, but Dennis as well. I wish they'd have him as a regular. BTW, this list of guest programmers & their picks is handy - thanks for posting. Were there any earlier than 2005, or was that when they began the guest programmer series?
  18. I'm curious about that coffee-table book about every movie ever made. What is the title? I would love to look for that.
  19. Romanov, Well said. It is so for many of us that he felt like he was speaking directly to us - yes, so personable. I thought, as you did, about Olivia deHavilland -- and as much as we will miss him, I can't imagine how difficult it will be for her. He was one of a kind and like you, it does feel like losing a friend.
  20. I understand how you feel. We kept looking for him to return. However, we must remember that he had a personal life of his own and I'm guessing he wanted to have some privacy and not have the glare of a spotlight on whatever illness he had. Like most TCM fans we adored Robert and felt like he was part of the family so we missed seeing him and will always miss him. I suspect he just wanted to quietly exit, stage left. I believe he knew how much we all loved him.
  21. I was filled with sorrow when I learned of Robert's passing yesterday. He was the epitome of the perfect gentleman. Robert was adept at drawing you in to stories about the classic actors, the films and lots of trivia that never failed to pique your interest. His kind and classy yet informal way made us feel like he was a close friend of the family. We've missed him for some time now and we had a feeling that illness must be the reason he was away from TCM. I dreaded the day when we would lose him but secretly hoped he would return. Robert Osborne set the benchmark for the perfect TCM
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  24. At the home page, in the search (enter your film title), the select the radio button: *SITE* (instead of movie database). Then click on the film, scroll down and you should see the time slot if it is scheduled.
  25. Oh! That has to be it! Now how to get my hands on it? Thanks also for that website - It looks like a good one, especially for nostalgia-crazy people like me! Thanks so much, danthemoviefan!
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