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  1. I've seen both Wolfgang Petersen's Poseidon and the new TV version called The Poseidon Adventure and both were absolutely terrible. The original is still far better than the new ones.
  2. My favorites are: The Poseidon Adventure '72 version The Last Voyage Titanic (CLifton Webb, Barbara Stanwyck) A Night To Remember (David McCallum, Kenneth More) Titanic (New Version) The Towering Inferno
  3. Is there someway to find a head shot or publicity photo of an actor?? I've been trying to find one of Fred Sadoff who played Linarcos in the original classic '72 version of The Poseidon Adventure. Where would be the best place to look?? It's so hard to find a publicity shot of him. I know many of you are very resourceful and might have an idea where I can find one. Thank you for any help at all. Mrs. L.
  4. [The Poseidon Adventure~~140 times, The Wizard of Oz~~100 times, The Last Voyage~~14 times, Raise The Titanic~~8 times/i] I started out watching The Wizard of Oz every year, got caught up on the ocean liner disasters with TPA. Mrs. L.
  5. I am from Lady Lake about 1 1/2 hours away from Orlando. Been here for about 20 yrs. Love it.
  6. Hi Ken, I got to meet her at a TPA fan club reunion on May 6th, odd enough..it was the 12th anniversary of Fred Sadoff's death. Stella is just wonderful, she loves all of her fans and they love her. I know she will always be known for Linda in this movie, but she did so much more. I've gotten a few emails from her since the reunion. Right now she's busy working on a few projects, after she signed the photos I got from her. She got up and gave me 3 or 4 hugs, it was a wonderful time; just to be there and talk to her. Mrs. L.
  7. To me, the handsomest actor I ever saw was Fred Sadoff, he played Linarcos in the original, "The Poseidon Adventure." I saw him in the reissue in '74 and I fell in love, what handsome brown eyes and that voice. I even talked with him on the phone a couple of times and I almost wanted to faint. Just an incredble good looking man all around. SIGH.......................................... Mrs. L. Message was edited by: MrsLinarcos Message was edited by: MrsLinarcos If you had never seen The Poseidon Adventure, you'd never know him. But his voice you'd never forget. I
  8. Hello, I'm new to the message board. I love TCM. It's just excellent. What I would like to see is Ronald Neame, Sheila Matthews, and Stella Stevens interviewed by Robert Osbourne, then have the movie follow it. It was so nice to see The Towering Inferno on last night, first time I had seen it since before 9/11. What I want to know is, where is the best place to find more movie stills of this movie?? I'm trying to locate some that are from Greece, I've got sets from Italy, USA, Belgium, France, Britain and Germany. But I'm sure they made some when the movie was shown in Greece??? Mrs. L.
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