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  1. > {quote:title=The quote is: > }{quote} > "Travis -- I know we have a blacker black than this velvet. The nap is too short on this to look rich on the screen, and where is the georgette we didn't use in 'Blonde Venus'? Did you use it for Lombard? That old satin you draped her with for those publicity stills -- really! -- off the shoulder? A la 'vamp'? Lombard? She looked silly..." > > It's from the entry http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/414055.html (and the film in question was "The Scarlet Empress"). > > > > > > ___________________ >
  2. > {quote:title=traceyk65 wrote:}{quote}She was lovely. I still don;t know what she's wearing. It reminds me of when I was a little kid and used to roll up in the drapes. Carole heard you...
  3. > {quote:title=jamesjazzguitar wrote:}{quote}The person playing the ukulele is Garbo. Joan is the one with all the kids. > > So I still don't get why you posted 'Ukulele Joan' but showed a picture of Garbo. > > Oh well, since I play the ukulele it is always nice to see two pictures of someone playing it (and Garbo makes it all the better). > > PS: The spell checker spells 'ukelele' as 'ukulele'. According to the dictionary, using 'u' is more common then using the 'e', but 'e' is a valid variation. My mistake. I thought it was Joan.
  4. > {quote:title=traceyk65 wrote:}{quote}VP, I know it sucks when you have to explain your joke but Im at a loss too, I think... ?:| Cliff Edwards was nicknamed "Ukelele Ike."
  5. "Ukelele Joan" (apologies to Cliff Edwards) > {quote:title=traceyk65 wrote:}{quote}
  6. Loretta gives a tip to Brown Derby diners...
  7. Carole shows off her range as an actress:
  8. Some of us still yearn for the Chet Baker "Look For The Silver Lining" morning intro. Is TCM keeping the one inspired by Rube Goldberg?
  9. Some Astaire and Rogers acrimony:
  10. Lombard's got a publishing idea:
  11. A teenage Goldie from 1964 has a close encounter with a time traveler:
  12. Carole on honeymoon with birthday boy Bill Powell...
  13. Wonderful news! I hope TCM can show this down the road, perhaps in a compare-and-contrast with the 1937 three-strip Technicolor version from 20th Century-Fox starring Loretta Young (and, for that matter, the 1910 D.W. Griffith "Ramona" with Mary Pickford). A song called "Ramona" was a major hit in the late '20s; did it derive from the Del Rio version?
  14. Carole's character judges journalism:
  15. Jane reminds us there's more to her than sex appeal:
  16. My favorite era is between 1929 and 1941. Close to the first half of that is the pre-Code period, when films had far more freedom to discuss issues, gender roles and so on. Much of that disappeared after mid-1934 thanks to industry self-censorship, but by that time the studio system was a well-oiled machne, and the romantic comedy was in its prime. The entire '29-'41 time was probably the best in history for actresses, as they carried more weight at the box office than they ever did again, and thus were given more substantial roles.
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