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  1. I see that your article mentions Claude Miller's new film. Un Secret. I saw it in March, and it is wonderful. See it if you can.
  2. DirecTV did not in the past. When I considered switching from Cablevision to satellite tv, it was to DishTV, precisely because they offered TV5-Monde. The Dish people came out twice to try and set it up, but the big oak tree in front of my house was blocking their international satellite. I wasn't about to cut it down, so I went without for several years. Then Cablevision picked up TV5. So, if you can switch to Dish, you might be able to have TV5. Otherwise, I would just keep requesting it from DirecTV. What with Verizon's FiOS spreading, and an increasing demand for an end to ca
  3. I had been pestering Cablevision about TV5-Monde for quite a while. They seemed to have no idea what it was. I knew about it because the channel is one of the sponsors of the annual Rendezvous with French cinema at Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater. Every now and then, Cablevision would send around a glossy little flyer with a list of all their international stations, but Cablevision was never there. Then one night I went online and browsed through the list, and voil?! there it was! I called Cablevision and ordered it, and it was on chez moi less than five minutes later. Unfort
  4. Jack, You obviously have cable, since you get TCM. Have you ever checked to see whether TV5-Monde is available to you? Cablevision finally began offering it here, and it is just great. I watch it almost as much as I do TCM. Not all of the programs are subtitled, but the films are.
  5. My son and I saw *Les Chansons d'Amour* at the French film festival at Lincoln Center (NYC), and it also played for several weeks on TV5-Monde, the French tv channel available on cable. We thought that it was ghastly. The basic story wasn't bad, but the insipid music and dreadful lyrics ruined it. It seemed to us the work of someone who was so much in love with every word that he wrote that he never bothered to edit out anything. On the other hand, a few of the other films that I saw at the festival were outstanding: *Un Secret* (Claude Miller's latest, and truly fantastic; schedu
  6. Since you like Maurice Pagnol, you might be interested in a two-part French tv show about his childhood and adolescence: part i: Le Temps des Secrets part ii: Le Temps des Amours I saw it on TV5Monde, the all-French channel, and liked it very much. It is based on Pagnol's written m?moires. (You can find it on the IMDB; each part has a separate listing.) Send me a PM if you would like to know more.
  7. They are indeed on Netflix. Look up either *Marcel Pagnol* or *The Fanny Trilogy*.
  8. Well, Jack, it was indeed Le Voyou. Netflix sent it, and I watched it. It was a fun film, that could have been really good if Lelouch hadn't wasted much of it on trivialities. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  9. I also love the Rohmer Marquise von O.... And Bruno Ganz stars in Der Himmel ?ber Berlin (Wings of Desire), which I like a great deal. There is an earlier, silent, German version of Die Marquise von O... from 1920, directed by Paul Legband. They used to run it often on WNET, the NJ/NY PBS station, before I even had a vcr (!!) but I haven't seen it for years. It is really, really good. I have been looking for it, asking all of my friends who know about silent films. No one has even heard of it. Nothing on Amazon.de, either in dvd or vhs. I e-mailed WNET three or four times to ask, but th
  10. You guys are talking about two different films of La Ronde here: the 1950 one, directed by Max Ophuls, and the 1964 one, directed by Roger Vadim. I have seen the 1950 one only, and liked it very much. It was put out on vhs, but the later one is available on dvd.
  11. Does anyone know the films of Dani?le Thompson? She has done screenwriting for some excellent films - like Ceux qui m'aiment prendront le Train - and has directed three of her own: La B?che, which is one of my very favorite movies - and which everyone to whom I've shown it loves also; Fauteuils d'Orchestre (Orchestra Seats), her latest, which is every bit as good. I saw it last year at a French film festival in NYC. It is being released in U.S. theaters this week, but with the title Avenue Montaigne. If it plays anywhere near you, go see it. Thompson's son Christopher co-wrote t
  12. Thank you for the suggestion! I have put Le Voyou in my Netflix queue, so I'll know quite soon whether it's the right one. It seems to be a bit more of a thriller and a bit less of a comedy than what I remember, but I'm excited to have at least one possibility to follow up.
  13. Maybe someone here can help me find the title of a French film that I saw in the early 1970s. I can't remember whether it was showing in a theater or in the UW student union; if the latter, it might have been an older film (from the 60s perhaps). I spent the longest time searching the IMDB and even google, and - nothing. Here is what I remember: 1) it was in color, and it was a comedy - one of those frenetic ones with people driving and racing around. Kind of noisy. 2) The plot included the kidnapping of a child (it may just have been a 'staged' kidnapping), people going on vaca
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