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  1. I was wondering which version of Blade Runner people prefer.I like the directotr's cut much better. I found it much more involving.Also,I heard a rumor it will be re-released in theatres for its 25th anniversary this year.Does anyone know for sure?Finally,any news on when the DVD with all the different versions will be released?I know this is a mouthful,but this is just such a cool,origina,thoughtful movie.

  2. What do you all think is the most overrated horror film of all time?For me it is "The Exorcist."I just wasn't scared of it at all,it just seemed so fake.I personally thought "The Omen" was better if you want a slightly similar story.

  3. Wow,there are so many to choose from.Here's my list (in no particular order):


    Halloween(original slasher flick)

    The Shining(Jack Nicholson,nuff said)

    Psycho(first horror film I saw)

    Nightmare on Elm Stret(very original)

    The Haunting (1963)(less is more)

    The Omen (very creepy)


    Dracula(original is still the best)

    Frankenstein(where do monsters come from?)

    Carrie(best revenge scene ever!)

    Seven(greatest death scenes)

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre(original)(felt like a documentary)

    Suspiria(Dario Argento at his best)


    I'm sure I'm forgetting some...

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