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  1. An update: I changed back to a DVR with Spectrum and am having no further problems.
  2. It has also turned out that none of the James Bond movies this month were on either Watch TCM or On Demand, at least with Spectrum in Jackson, TN. It must have something to do with copyrights or agreements with the movie studios on where they can be shown.
  3. Update: Star Wars went on Watch TCM and On Demand after the second showing, but Star Trek still isn't there and probably won't be.
  4. Although I was able to get Star Wars Episode 4:A New Hope and Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan on Watch TCM last night, I've noticed that they aren't on On Demand with either Watch TCM or Spectrum. I actually think Spectrum doesn't always have everything from TCM on their On Demand movies, but Watch TCM usually does, I guess unless there is some sort of copyright problem, and I'm guessing that's what happened with Five Million Years, and now Star Wars and Star Trek.
  5. I was trying to record the movies that are being shown during the Out of this World theme, even the bad ones. But I've liked the Quatermass series of movies that this is a part of. I actually had a copy from earlier so I'll have to stay with that I guess. I'd like to at least see TCM show Quatermass 2 or Enemy from Space, which is what it was called in the US. And I didn't know that the Blu Ray was coming out this week. THanks for the info!
  6. Last Tuesday night TCM showed Five Million Years to Earth as part of the Out of this World nights. Because of Spectrum running TCM with copy protection now I tried to record it from Watch TCM, but it had a message that the movie wasn't available there. So later I checked in On Demand and found out that it wasn't available there either.. Does anyone have an idea why this movie was blocked? Also does this happen very often? Thanks for any response.
  7. I did some more checking and found out that Spectrum (Charter) added copy protection on all the Turner networks except for CNN and HLN, and also on most Viacom owned networks. I've found a work around though in that movies from TCM I want to record don't have copy protection on On Demand or from Watch TCM on Roku. Thanks for the responses.
  8. I know this is an older topic but I've started having a similar problem with my Magnavox DVD recorder. THis only recently started happening and it happens on TCM but not on other channels I've tried. I'm on Charter cable. Is it possible that they have added copy protection to TCM? Thanks for any help.
  9. Watch TCM FINALLY became available for Amazon Fire TV on 4-19, but it is still not available to Charter Cable subscribers. PLEASE fix this!!!
  10. So is ANYTHING happening on this??? Come on TCM!!!
  11. When is Watch TCM coming to Amazon Fire TV? I've been reading online that it is coming this fall and I just bought a Fire TV stick just for that purpose. But so far I haven't been able to find the app on Amazon. Is there any word on when it is coming? Thanks.
  12. I usually look at this thread when I'm notified of new posts, but I think that the thread dried up because of two factors, when shorts began being posted in the schedules instead of here, and the shortage of Roach shorts being aired.
  13. I don't know if this is a factor in why the shorts are being listed at least in part in TCM's schedules and also in cable guides, but I've also noticed that short programs that are less than 30 minutes are also being listed on the TV Guide for Charter Cable for other channels as well. I've noticed it on other movie channels, along with the Disney channel, and also in pre-game and post-game shows for sports on different channels. It could be that the sources for all channels have been improved in TV listings to where they are more accurate for short programs, not just for TCM, but for other cha
  14. At least at the present time It appears the problem is fixed.
  15. What I meant was that the most recent posts in a thread that I received updates on weren't showing up. It seems to be an on again, off again thing. At the present time, the posts that I get updates on are coming up right, but at other times it hasn't.
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