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  1. A little of topic...but I found vintage Billy Graham crusades broadcast on the TBN channel on my cable server. It comes on Saturday night @ 10 pm. This week it was a crusade from Miami in 1961. I remember watching these when I was a child in the 1960's. I enjoyed it very much. Just wanted to pass it along.
  2. The last time this aired (earlier this summer) I recorded it and ended up watching it w/ my husband and our 13 yr old son. How times have changed! I had fond memories of this movie, maybe because I loved dogs so much (still do). But we ended us laughing at how hokie is. It would probably still appeal to a much younger child.
  3. Thanks Bill for telling me the ending. I use my DVR and rely on that to be correct.It always had been correct in the past. On occasion some prime time tv shows last a minute or 2 longer and it is listed as such (and the DVR records all of it). I think this was a mistake TCM made. I am glad they don't make many.
  4. On DVRs you don't record by what time something starts and ends. You just click on the name of the program you want to record. This is the first time this has happened. TCM doesn't make mistakes often thank goodness!
  5. I recorded "Lady for a Day" on my DVR this morning. The movie ran over and the DVR didn't record the ending! The last scene recorded was when Apple Annie was about to tell the Baron that she was pretending.... What happend at the end?
  6. I recorded "Lady for a Day" this morning on my DVR. I watched it this afternoon. The ending was cut off. It ran longer than listed. What happened at the end of the movie? The last scene recorded was Apple Annie sitting down with the Count & about to tell him the truth.What happens after that? Is the Count pretending too?
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