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  1. I'm curious as well...starts off with piano then kicks into a funky bass and trumpet riff. It's the Star of the Month Intro music. I posted this same question a couple of days ago. Any chance one of the board moderators could throw us a bone?
  2. Gene Tierney...the beautiful face, the classic underbite... Why do we never see Laura on TCM anymore?
  3. Regarding the poll, I do like the clip. The music clearly inspires...based on this threads length and passion if nothing else. Perhaps this Janus fest is being released for the Halloween season. One quick question. In the spot for Star of the Month, there is music featuring a trumpet and drums that leads into whoever is featured that particular month. Does anyone know if that musical excerpt is from an actual song or otherwise? Cheers!
  4. > Bobbert, listen to Things Have Changed > by Dylan if you doubt his genius. Walk a mile in his > drugged moccasins before you judge. > > As to Forever Young, wasn't it Rod Stewart who had > the definitive cover on that song? > > dolores Dolores, Different song... MD
  5. Hi! The music that is played on the Star of the Month advertisement is haunting me, does anyone know the name or artist of the piece? Kind thanks for the assist. MD
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