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  1. I'm pretty certain that "The Return of Dr. X" is not a sequel to "Dr. X" at all. The Internet Movie Database, incidentally, doesn't list them as being related at all. Different writers, different stars, different directors...and the "Doctor Xavier" in each movie has a different last name. I did watch "The Return of Dr. X" when they aired it last week (after all, it has Bogart in it...) and I rather enjoyed it. It was lots of fun. Somewhat campy, of course, and apparently Bogart wasn't happy at all to do the part, playing a dead guy with a white streak in his hair. Wayne Morris was no
  2. I know these aren't "classics" by any stretch of the imagination, but my skin crawls almost any time I see Natalie Portman. She played Al Pacino's excedingly whiny daughter in a truly horrible performance in "Heat." And in all those new "star wars" movies she's abominably wooden...but those movies were abominations through and through. Still, I don't know why people pretend she should be allowed to act. Come to think of it, Pacino himself has sort of just shouted his way through most of his roles in the last 20 years, so no Encore there, either. He was great back in 1975.
  3. > If you get any of the movie channels like Cinemax, > they have 4 channels and on their Thrillermax they > have showed old black and white movies sometimes. And > on the Western Channel almost all the movies are old > westerns. Out here the Western Channel is free along > with the Mystery Channel and the True Channel if you > get the Cinemax and Starz Channels. Just FYI. Here, for some mysterious reason, our Dish Network gets 7 of the "Encore" channels (but not the orginal "Encore" (east) oddly enough)...and on rare, rate occasions I'll find somet'ing worth my
  4. > Networks are pandering > > towards the male demographic these days. I'm not > sure > > if TCM is one of them > > It seems to me TCM shows more movies geared toward > women. The macho wars and westerns are few and far > between. But I'm not complaing, I'll watch a musical > any day of the week. I wouldn't say their programming is geared towared either men or women. (Then again, I don't tend to essentialize most movies as "guy movies" or "chick flicks"...I myself am a fan of the film noirs and samurai movies and just about any movie where resistan
  5. Sorry if this topic has been thoroughly discussed in the past... I'm just curious about TCM's library and how much they play material only from it. I think TCM does a great job of picking a diverse bunch of movies, and I'm glad they at least occasionally delve into the silents and the non-British-and-American films and cult pictures and old sci-fi horror classics and cold-war espionage dramas, etc...but I wonder how much we're missing. I know they have access to the Turner Entertainment and Warner Bros. film Libraries, including MGM, UA, RKO, "Warner Bros. movies before 1948", etc...b
  6. Okay...disclaimer: this is going to long and rambling: Maybe I'm getting a hair to old for Ben's target audience (I'm 33), but I too find Ben to be, shall we say, "No Robert Osbourne." Part of the problem might be that Ben's on-air persona seems to be aimed primarily at a male audience. I've seen at least a few occasions (I wish I could cite them, but alas, I wasn't taking notes) where he's said something I found somewhat offensive or sexist, which can be kind of annoying, even if the rest of his commentary is informative and interesting. (Someone earlier cited him describing a fil
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