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  1. HI ....I believe the movie where the children were orphaned was ALL MINE TO GIVE... Glenys Johns played the mother,cant recall who played the Dad. An Irish couple with a large family .Dad died after kissing his son who was suffering from diptheria., after going to see the boy who was in isolation with his mother, so the other children would not catch it .The boy survived, and the mother supported the children by sewing.after the Dad died. The eldest boy worked in a mill after leaving school early to help with finances .. Eventually The Mum got ill , but before she died , she makes the eldest son promise to find homes for all the children. I think there was 7 alltogether.. He does, but.goes on to work in the mill.,ironically. no home for him..I recall Patty McCormick who was in The Bad Seed playing one of the daughters
  2. Hello I remember seeing a War Of The Worlds radio broadcast reenactment here in Australia some years ago.. It was a made for TV special. I recall it being a Orson Wells tribute week or similar here. I cant recall who played Orson Wells, but it the show explained how the radio broadcast evolved ,the impact on the American public and the panic it caused to some not realising it was just a radio broadcast. I think it nearly caused the close of the Mercury theatre and landed Orson Wells in quite a lot of trouble, due to the panic of the public. I doubt if its available to the general public either on VHS or DVD... loging on to an Orson Wells site may give you some information... hope this helps... Irene
  3. I have copy of Annie Get Your Gun purchased here in Australia with a added bonus of 2 songs performed by Judy Garland, prior to her repacement by Betty Hutton.Doin What Comes Naturally has a performance rather lacklustre, with Judy Garland looking as though she would rather be somewhere else., and delivered a line which was supposed to be tongue in cheek, in response to hotel owners comment about shooting people.was flat and devoid of any humour. I'm an Indian Too fared better with some spectacular sets and dance., but Judy still looking uncomfortable.. I really think she did not like the character and did not know how to play her.Interestingly the children were replaced by a somewhat younger cast, as Annies siblings ,and the spectacular set and dance sequence were also replaced when Betty Hutton was cast... no reason given for either change., but did not deter from the final result, which is a fine film.Betty Hutton was a perfect choice..
  4. I came across an ebay site purely by chance and it is just fantastic and if you want to collect items related to Miss Hutton its the place to go Tahoemike is the site on ebay. There is even a copy of the contract signed by Miss Hutton for her 2000 interview for sale.Mike could not have been more helpful, and I understand proceeds from the site go towards supplementing her modest income, I purchased a copy of the 2000 interview on DVD, thanks to Mike who will be posting it quickly to Australia.A first class site with a first class seller.Enjoy the site., I will purchase more items in the future from Mike...bye from Down Under.. Irene
  5. Hello are you looking for a older movie or a more recentone? In Enemy At The Gate starring Jude Law , there is a scene with Rachael Weitz..did I spell that right?..where the Russians are taking a well earned break from fighting the enemy..rows of soldiers lying down and Jude and Rachael with very little distance from soldiers either side get amorous and have their way with one another....trying to be discreet under a blanket..much passion on their part but the war is raging over head..bombs etc. but they are in a very large bunker of some sort where they and many other soldiers come to eat and try and sleep between engaging the enemy.. Its been a while since I saw it but I'm pretty sure thats the scenario. A great film by the way...based on a true story......hope that was of help.. Irene
  6. irene15

    betty hutton

    Hello new to this site.I would like to buy a copy of the Private Screenings interview with Betty Hutton , she talks to Robert Osborne on her life. Although it was an interview from 2000, it did not and has not been televised in Australia, which I think is a shame., and I have been unable to find a copy anywhere . I would be delighted if anyone could tell me where I could purchase a copy. Preferably on DVD,but VHS would do, the only issue is that they must be able to be played over here in Australia.The DVD would have to be Region 4 or 0 ie multi region . The VHS .. Pal system, also wanting to purchase DVD of LETS DANCE starring Betty Hutton and Fred Astaire. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you and.bye from Down Under....... Irene
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