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  1. Well, I could have missed it of course, but I thought since That's My Boy, a 1932 film from Columbia was making it's TCM premiere (Ben didn't say it was a premiere, but it has to be, right?) I thought I would see one fairly long thread on the film I sure hope it's a sign of more early Columbia pics finally showing up on TCM, after many years of no new titles. Picture is sharp, but...I noticed it seemed to distort, as the camera panned . Was wondering if it was just me (I don't have a HD TV) or if anyone else noticed this. too tired to watch the whole movie, but 30 minutes in, seems
  2. but bubba ain't no racist! https://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/bill-clinton-told-ted-kennedy-obama-coffee-years-game-change-article-1.197492 Joe Biden, worked just great with fellow Democrat senators who were racists... https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/19/politics/joe-biden-senate-segregationists-civility/index.html
  3. I'd be surprised if any democrat wasn't pro-pedophile sound stupid? Yep, just as stupid as your comment above. You know nothing as to why anyone would support him,(who needs jobs?) but attacking every one of his supporters just means, Trump wins in 2020. Guess that's what you want.... I love how a non-Reagan fan (I don't like him, saw him in Bedtime for Bonzo only!) felt compelled to post this...for what purpose? This is beyond idiotic, but hey...I MUST tell everyone this!!!! most of the actors you see in movies from the 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50s would be called racist
  4. I agree! I really enjoy his intros, and the long "outros" if that's a word. You really feel his love of film , his passion when he talks about them. While Robert Osborne was a bit more low key, you were so keenly aware of his sheer love of films, big and small.
  5. Sorry, I guess they just did that last night...drat so far no more shorts....
  6. After the Norman Jewison interview last night, they ran the RKO short, One Live Ghost, with Leon Errol and Lucille Ball....that interview will be over very soon, so if you want to catch it (ASSUMING they run the same ones) They ran Catch-As Catch-Can after one of the interviews too (I'll update when I am not recording , which I am doing right now) EDIT, it was the Liza Minnelli interview, this short ran after, but.... that was an !:15 minute block, but tonight, it's only an hour long block, not enough time
  7. Well, they ran the Pitts and Todd short Catch-As Catch-Can (Bad sound for a couple of minutes) during one of the Robert Osborne Interviews(forget which one) several other shorts , have no idea if they are running the same shorts after the same interviews today (just seeing this today after copying the different interviews....)
  8. Exactly. He was clearly a private man.....and you could tell a thoroughly decent man. His love of film was infectious. He made me want watch more classics. I have recorded hundreds if not thousands of films off of TCM, and when I put one on, I am always sorry to see he isn't doing an intro to a film. So weird , my Dad mentioned him just last night, and I looked Robert up and saw nothing new. I still was hoping he would return..... TCM survives of course, but it just won't see the same without him.... Perhaps TCM, as a tribute, could run an hour of just his intros...I'd watch an hour a wee
  9. Many thanks!!! I have wondered for years who that was...I assumed it was later Sidney Bechet....
  10. I remember watching Agatha Christie's Marple: The Murder at the Vicarage (2004) (Had to look up his credits to figure out what show it was) and thinking...man, that actor looks familiar, but who is he? My late Mother was watching too, and usually was pretty good with putting names with faces, she didn't know either. Got such a kick when I saw the credits and saw Herbert Lom's name! He hadn't acted in a decade at that point, And I too thought he had passed on by then... I saw the movie below last year....awesome title that really had nothing to do with the film's subject matter. Felt like the f
  11. Staircase ran off and on on FMC for years....don't expect much. In fact, shockingly bad performances by both Burton and Rex Harrison....they play it like a tv comedy sketch from the 70's ...for 96 minutes....reviewers either love it or hate it on imbd.... go ahead, watch if you want to
  12. Funny, I never confuse Warner Baxter with anyone...he always seemed more serious than most actors of the 30s and 40's , and always looked a bit sick, I wonder if he didn't wear make-up in most of his films? there are 10 Crime Doctor films (I only have 9, so I assume TCM didn't run 1 of them?) TCM has at some point films such as, The Squaw Man, King of Burlesque(or FOX did ) Vogues of 1938, Wife, Husband and Friend, Earthbound, Adam Had Four Sons, State Penitentiary(his last film) and the others already mentioned above.I know this, cuz I copied them off on tcm and fox through the years ..
  13. kinda-sorta..... times are confusing, IMHO http://www.tcm.com/schedule/index.html?tz=est&sdate=2016-12-05
  14. Princess of Tap, on 26 Aug 2016 - 9:57 PM, said: .....I thought I Stated myself clearly. But I will try and be even more clear. What I'm saying is that anybody in any particular race or ethnic group can speak for that race or ethnic group from their Viewpoint. However, people who are NOT in that race or that ethnic group have NO right to speak for that race or ethnic group. As if they know more about that race or ethnic group, than the people who are actually in that race or ethnic group know about themselves. In America everyone has freedom of speech. jamesjazzguitar ziggye
  15. Frank Oz, the voice of Yoda and Miss Piggy, had quite a run of making very funny films(then the muse left him it seems) making Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, What About Bob?, then HouseSitter, in a span of 4 years....
  16. Since someone also mentioned Richard Quine...I remember just absentmindedly looking up actors while watching The Cockeyed Miracle(A fun little film, any film where Keenan Wynn plays Frank Morgan's Dad cannot be all bad ) and looking up Richard Quine, and being quite surprised to see he was also the director Richard Quine! Someone else mentioned before...Norman Foster. NEVER liked him as an actor, yet I really enjoy the B- Films he made(and often wrote) for Fox, many Mr Moto's and Charlie Chans ...of the Moto or Chan discs does a nice mini bio on Foster, how he was able to make B movies l
  17. It's funny, but other films whose rights were tied up forever, like The Story of Temple Drake were cleared up (I assume money fixed that rights issue) but Letty Lyton and Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (which you can find, and sadly it's a terrible movie, IMHO) still are in limbo....
  18. I think most copies you find of the film come from a Japanese Laserdisc release via Disney....they are out there still, but you have to act fast if someone is selling it on say, ioffer or ecrater, Disney will find out quickly and shut them down...
  19. Interesting, someone on IMBD mentioned the film was going to be on Friday,07/22/2005, at 11:15 PM....I wonder if it did air?
  20. It always seemed to me that Charlie and his sons were presented in a pretty modern way in the 30's and early 40's. The kids were as American as apple pie...It was others that seemed to think Charlie couldn't be too sharp, but fairly quickly they learned he was smarter than everyone else in the room... The Monograms, with Mantan Moreland, I could see offending some, but that's a shame...he was a big star in films shown just to African-American communities, and was of course in a fair number of A and B big studio films.... Now, Roland Winters on the other hand , I am very offended that he was
  21. GGGGerald, on 25 Aug 2016 - 10:32 AM, said: Well, I disagree,to a certain extent. Who streams? Young people or older people? Yeah, there are no doubt a few/some older folks that stream, but...who likes old movies? Again, there are freaks, anomalies, but for the most part it's people that saw them on TV as kids or who are older than that and remember seeing them in theaters...Records never completely died out cuz there was always a niche market for them ... I I sell stuff on ebay and amazon. I go to some estate sales (which is kinda depressing at times, seeing what everyone held so
  22. I could be wrong (I frequently am ) but it's been awhile since they have aired the Monogram Charlies, hasn't it? I think IF they were to run them again, it would have to be with a warning from the host(s) that there were some offensive racial stereotypes in the following film. Meaning, they would have to show them between 8 PM and 2 AM, if they ran them in the say, 3 to 8 AM timeslot, people would complain since they had not been warned...I think several hosts have mentioned issues in upcoming films...Michael Feinstein said something like this before a film recently, but can't remember what fi
  23. via your computer, (Or use Tunein app on your phone) you should be able to listen to most stations nationwide.... Can't remember which Chicago station (perhaps 2 of them?) plays old radio shows on the weekend, but he banter between the hosts, commercialism, and newsbreaks drag shows on forever! They do play interesting shows, like Suspense (2 really good ones from Hope and Jimmy Stewart) and they also dug up a Bogie and Bacall radio show I never , ever heard of before, Bold Venture... https://archive.org/details/BoldVenture57Episodes Anyway, I find out the show's title (or put in Bob Hope
  24. I know TCM doesn't have an unlimited budget for advertising, but seeing the SAME ad for months (years?) makes most people zone out, or...flip the channel and watch something else...is seeing that wine ad for the 458th time going to make anyone go, hey, I don't really drink wine, but what the heck, let me order a case? Call me crazy, but...what might, just might appeal to lovers of classic movies, is ads talking about new to DVD/Blu-ray titles...no, not the 30 second ad they have done for years and years, I mean show a brief clip from a new DVD/Blu release (For instance, did "you" have any
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