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  1. I wouldn't say genius. Julia Roberts won the Oscar on her own merits. I do like some of his films though. Traffic was good and The Limey was good too. He does have an interesting style. I found Out of Sight to be a bit dry, and his remake of Ocean's Eleven doesn't hold up to the original so I've never really bothered to watch the sequels. I probably will someday but they're not top of my list. I think he is a very good filmmaker, I just wouldn't go so far as to call him genius. I'm sure others will disagree with me, that's just my thoughts on the subject. Who knows, perhaps someday he'll
  2. CGI is used mostly because it's cheaper (for the most part) and that the filmmakers are either too lazy to put together a real epic or they are pressured by the studios to make a release date that they feel it's faster to use CGI rather than cast a hundred extras or whatever the epic requires. Though CGI is usually overdone with armies that are so crowded that there is no realistic way for them to move about much less fight a war. A funnier example would be "The Mummy Returns" with it huge CGI armies and yet when the war is over there are no dead bodies on the ground or wounded people wanderi
  3. Did anyone see "Flyboys" that was released to theaters a couple months back? I didn't get around to seeing it and was wondering if it is any good.
  4. Conan

    The Big Parade?

    This is one of the best films ever, especially in the war genre. There must be a reason TCM hasn't shown it lately, but they should.
  5. After posting about "Haunted Gold" I just happened to be up that morning when TCM showed it. Unfortunately I am not always able to check the schedule, and when I do I only check for the times I know I will be able to view, which even then is not guaranteed that I can. I just hate knowing that there are movies that I really want to see being shown at times that I can't watch. I was also wrong in thinking that it was Mantan Moreland in "Haunted Gold", I've forgotten his name now, Bleu something or other, but he does remind me of Mantan Moreland.
  6. It just so happens that if a film is in any language other than english it immediately has limited appeal (here in the States) and therefore go straight to the foreign film section at the video stores. The fact that this forum gets less hits than most other forums on this site is a perfect example at how limited the appeal for these films are. It has nothing to do with genre, filmmaker, subject matter, time period or anything else. Simply a mindset of, if it's not in the language I speak, I refuse to bother with it. To a lesser extent there is a similar mindset for films shown in letter
  7. "Stalingrad" is a pretty good war movie. Not as good as "Das Boot" but still worth seeing.
  8. I saw this in the theater when it was released here in the states. Good, though not one of his best. Still worth watching.
  9. Apparently this style of filmmaking was popular in Turkey from the 1960's until about 1982, with Turkish Star Wars being around the last. There was also Turkish Star Trek and The Deathless Devil. Recent acquisitions which I hope to view soon.
  10. Conan

    Help! on DVD

    It never occured to me before, but I have never seen this movie available on DVD. Strange, it would be a nice addition to Hard Day's Night.
  11. Conan

    Foreign Horror

    Lucio Fulci's Zombie. Witchcraft Through the Ages. Nosferatu - both versions Suspiria Vampyros Lesbos - for something offbeat Vampyre Daughters of Darkness In the last ten years or so there was a South Korean film about a serial killer that was pretty good. I can't remember the title at the moment but I remember the title didn't sound like a horror film. Also there was a Japanese horror film made sometime in the 1990's that was really good. Unfortunately I have never been able to find the title. It is about a series of murders that have the police tracking a serial killer, but the
  12. Conan


    Sounds cool! Too bad I won't be in the area.
  13. I also enjoy the noir. It would be good for TCM to have a certain time for film noir even if they feel the need to move it from its original morning time slot. Much like the foreign films have moved to sunday night after the silent films, as long as we know when the movies will be showing things can get better. We just need a definite time to tune in.
  14. Does anyone remember Haunted Gold starring John Wayne and Mantan Moreland? I haven't been able to track it down though I know it exists because I have a tape of it from way back when it aired on TNT.
  15. Alexander Nevsky and both Ivan the Terrible movies are my favorites of Soviet Cinema. Stalker was interesting. I have been trying to track down a documentary about Soviet musicals I believe is called East Side Story. I know of only one video store here in town and everytime I try to check it out they can't find it and claim someone else has it out. Does anyone know anything about this documentary or any other Soviet musicals?
  16. Conan


    Bram Stoker's Dracula, directed by Francis Ford Coppola starring Gary Oldman had the same plotline. It's been a long time since I read the book and I can't remember if it did the same as well. It probably did.
  17. Conan


    That reincarnated lover plot has only been done more with the Mummy. No matter how many Mummy movies are made they all follow that plot line. Though there was one that TCM shows once in a great while about a sort of vampire mummy. I think it's called The Pharoah's Tomb. As far as I can remember it doesn't have anything to do with reincarnated lovers, though I would have to see it again to be sure.
  18. Conan

    need help with movie

    It's funny when you think about it starring Hugh Grant. Well, may be not that funny.
  19. Do you mean Valley of the Dolls or Beyond the Valley of the Dolls? Beyond was the Russ Meyer film from a script by Roger Ebert. Originally the two were going to make a movie starring the punk rock group the Sex Pistols but due to personality conflicts Meyer and Ebert made Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. This is probably the one you mean as being bizarre and weird. Though I never saw Valley.
  20. I just finished watching the final Formula One race for this season and I remembered that I still do not have Grand Prix in my movie collection. I have never seen this available on DVD and continue to look for it. I do have Le Mans starring Steve McQueen which is good and interesting that there isn't any real dialogue between the characters for the first 40 minutes. What are the best racing movies ever?
  21. What was the title to the 1950's Soviet produced Sinbad movie? I caught this late one night a year or two back and thought it was funny that Sinbad and all the other Persians in Baghdad were blonde and blue eyed. Other than that it looked like a good movie.
  22. It's also interesting that they would show Superman as thier first serial. Being a long time fan of the movie serial I have always heard that Superman was one of the worst. Supposedly far less superior to The Adventures of Captain Marvel, which is fantastic. Perhaps they picked it because it is Superman and they want to see how much their audience responds to it. Testing the waters kind of thing. In any case I am all for it and look forward to watching.
  23. It's been a long time since I last saw The Birth of a Nation. Though widely criticized for it's subject matter it does seem to be an accurate representation of the feelings around the time of the Civil War. Is it true that the actor who portrays John Wilkes Booth in the picture is in real life the assassin's brother? Though I do not share it's point of view I do like this movie as it stays true to the characters unlike many recent Civil War movies where the Confederates start questioning if they are right or not. Though Ang Lee's Ride with the Devil does a much better job depicting the South t
  24. Conan


    Yes! This is a fun movie. Though the sequel Scream Blacula Scream is not as good I somehow like it more. Probably for the presence of Pam Grier as a voodoo preistess who tries to help Blacula. I like the realistic reactions of some of the characters (as when a woman turns around to see her now vampire boyfriend baring his fangs she says "Get those fool teeth out of your mouth! What do you think this is, Halloween?" Of course then he bites her.) The video box for the sequel shows a picture of Pam Grier from the movie Coffey where she is holding a shotgun. However Scream Blacula Scream does not
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