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  1. How about Herschell Gordon Lewis? or David Friedman?
  2. It's difficult to say whether you will like it or not. It is quite tame. I would say it is worth seeing. If you plan on staying up all night I would suggest either setting your recorder or wait for the next time TCM shows it as it can seem slow at times. It is a good movie though I wouldn't consider it among Kubrick's best. Peter Sellers gives an interesting performance.
  3. The anime is acceptable considering who is responsible for creating it. Having Rob Zombie host the movies he is hosting is a good addition as the only time I don't watch TCM is when I put in a tape of one of those type of films. Mexican wrestling? I would love, Love, LOVE to see TCM show Santos vs. the Vampire Women, which they just might with Mr. Zombie hosting what he does. I have been stuck on TCM ever since my cable provider began carrying it back in the mid 1990's and I have NEVER seen a Mexican wrestling picture on the channel. And believe me I have been on lookout. It is very good to see a smattering of subversiveness without complete deviation mixed in with the classic lineup. I have always felt that TCM should be just a little more and lately they have. Good work Tom Karsch or whoever you are! Just avoid commercial breaks.
  4. For me it's easy to fall asleep listening to Sophia Loren or Bridgette Bardot talking no matter what the language. Das Boot changes the dialogue on the subtitles as opposed to the dubbing. I also remember seeing some Hong Kong movie where the subtitles were far different from the dubbing. For that one I'm not sure who is right, but on Das Boot the dubbing was off but then the subtitles weren't 100% accurate either. And, interesting to note, I prefer buffalo. Message was edited by: Conan
  5. I always thought Dreyer was Danish.
  6. It seems I've heard something years ago about it's existence. I don't know anything more. The Three Stooges had some cartoons of themselves back then. Of course so did The Beatles.
  7. Satanic Rites of Dracula is interesting. I liked it but it is not a good Dracula picture. Just strange enough to appeal to me.
  8. A hand crawling up stairs sounds like The Beast with Five Fingers. There was also a sci-fi movie about an astronauts hand getting people. I always have trouble remembering the name of that one. The Return of the Living Dead has a couple of characters in the basement of a warehouse chop up a living corpse and putting the various parts in seperate bags. A hand gets out of a bag and goes after the mortician after he is told the bags contain rabid hamsters. The bags are constantly jumping around. Not sure if any of this is any help but it's just what comes to mind off hand.
  9. Conan

    Horror Films

    I miss the full week of horror films TCM used to play at Halloween. After all it is Halloween and the only time of year that so called sophistacated people admit to enjoying a good horror film. Ironic when one considers how sophisticated the horror films are that TCM shows compared to what's on the other channels. Just another reason why my television is permanently stuck on TCM.
  10. I enjoy this movie though I can remember being a little disappointed the first time I saw it. Though it is fitting that Lugosi plays an actor playing a vampire.
  11. Naturally Lugosi and Lee are tops. Oldman was good. Wesley Snipes as Blade is amusing, though I liked Stephen Dorff's villain in the first Blade movie.
  12. I was introduced to Russ Meyer's movies back in high school. Good to see my favorite channel showing his movies now.
  13. Conan


    I am probably one of the youngest people on this site and I like the Russ Meyers movies. A lot of the people I know are fans of his movies as well. Though Mudhoney isn't his best movie it is still well done. He has a certain style to all of his pictures that I find appealing.
  14. Giant of Metropolis is a good sci-fi sword and sandal movie about a strong man who gets involved in the sinking of Atlantis.
  15. Is this something new they are starting up? Do they have any plans to show other serials sometime in the future?
  16. 1.Porkchop Hill 2.Zulu 3.Bataan 4.Lawrence of Arabia 5.Patton 6.The Big Parade 7.All Quiet on the Western Front 8.Fort Apache 9.Das Boot 10.Alexander Nevsky
  17. Metropolis has long been a favorite of mine, but I do not recall anyone being overly close. It may be the way the director wanted to convey the intimate information one character was telling the other. Just one form of expression, not necessarily sexual, just a close heartfelt secret. Different filmmakers have different ways of expressing subject matter. I have seen several silent films and have never noticed anyone being especially close for any reason other than love and secrets. However in regards to your paper it is best to present your honest viewpoint as to what you perceive in a film. If you truly believe it is a form of femininity than you shouldn't have a problem presenting your case. If you can try and see some more silent movies to compare as well as sound pictures too. I have always found that a movie should first be criticized for it's individual merits and then compared to other similar pictures. But then that's just the way I criticize.
  18. SInister Cinema has one of the largest collections I have seen of "B" westerns. Dating all the way back to the silent days up through the forties and beyond. Most of their collection consists of pictures made during the 1930's and 40's.
  19. Conan

    Max Fleischer

    Though it would be nice if they showed the cartoons as well.
  20. Conan

    Max Fleischer

    You are absolutely right! I don't recall ever seeing TCM play serials before so when I looked in the cable guide all it said was Superman over and over again. Knowing that TCM does show cartoons, I thought it was a special showing of Cartoon Alley. Unfortunately my computer has been down since my last posting and I was unable to check the full TCM programming schedule. Now I am corrected~!
  21. Has TCM ever shown any Godzilla movies? or even other giant monsters from Toho?
  22. The Thirteenth Guest was her first starring role and is available on DVD. Not a great film but fun to watch on a cold dark night.
  23. Conan

    Max Fleischer

    I see that before the month is out TCM will be showing all of the Superman cartoons that Fleischer studios put out in the 40's. I am a big fan of the Superman cartoons as well as Betty Boop and Popeye. I'd say Fleischer put out some of the best animation ever.
  24. Conan

    The Great War WWI

    I had forgotten about Shout at the Devil. I'll have to check out that link. Thanks.
  25. Conan

    Silent Movie Dogs

    I would like to see some Rin Tin Tin on TCM. It seems the only dog they favor is Lassie. Was the dog in Charlie Chaplin's A Dog's Life ever in any other pictures?
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