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  1. I really enjoy this movie. I agree it is good to see Chaplin outside his Tramp character.
  2. Conan


    I love the ending in Death Valley. It is a long movie but definitly worth seeing.
  3. I have read that after the first world war there were major sanctions on Germany including the amount of electricity they were allowed to use causing them to only use so much light for brief amounts of time. The aftermath of the Great War supposedly had a heavy impact on how movies were made in Germany, a prime example being The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Obviously as they entered the 1920's things began to change rapidly.
  4. I'm not sure if they have that particular picture or not but you could try Sinister Cinema which has a very large collection of hard to find westerns. I know they have some Wallace Beery westerns and they might have the one you're looking for.
  5. One great western is No Man's Law, with the hero being a wild horse that keeps watch over an old miner and his beautiful young daughter as she goes skinny dipping. When two murderous conmen happen upon the mine and the girl it's up to the horse to save the day. Notable for Oliver Hardy playing one of the murderous bad guys and he plays it very well. This was a silent picture made in the late 20's before the teaming of Laurel and Hardy. Surprisingly I found no mention of this film in the recent book Hollywood Hoofbeats. Another fun one is Hidden Valley which has an early appearance of the Goodyear Blimp rescuing the hero and his pals from a lost tribe of cannibals.
  6. I don't necessarily see it as a western, but it could be called a neo-western or modern day western. I realize it was made in the late 40's and takes place in the 1920's. It is undeniably an adventure film. Not to mention one of my favorite Bogart films.
  7. It's spoofing the western genre which it does very well. One has to admit it is funny that this one man is being hunted by a mob made of the 100 worst outlaws in the west.
  8. Conan


    The boy sees Shane as a cool gunslinger. All children see things outside of their family that they idolize in some way and such is the case in Shane. It's possible that he sees Shane as an older sibling or best friend to help break the monotony of living with family out in the country.
  9. Correction: the title is 3 Dev Adam. It's the one where Santos and Captain America team up to battle the evil villain Spiderman. No, no special powers but they are in full costume and Spiderman kills people with a knife.
  10. Conan

    The Great War WWI

    I almost put The African Queen but I was trying to think of something more military. It's good you mentioned those other titles for sea battles because I haven't heard of them before but I'll definitly keep an eye out. Paths of Glory is a great movie too.
  11. It may seem I'm being odd but I truly enjoy Dwight Frye and Soledad Miranda in anything.
  12. Ed Wood did direct Bela Lugosi, an undisputed classic film icon, several times. And Oscar winning screenwriter William Goldman claimed that Russ Meyer is probably the only true autuer filmmaker in American Cinema. It's when they start showing Andy Milligan movies that things are going to get wierd.
  13. 8 years from now will be the centennial of the Great War. The war to end all wars! I am sure that Hollywood will be turning out a few World War One movies to commemorate. It would be a welcome break from WW2 movies of which Flags of Our Fathers is soon to be released. What are your favorite World War One movies? For me I enjoy The Dawn Patrol, Hell's Angels, All Quiet on the Western Front and The Big Parade. Are there any WWI movies dealing with sea battles?
  14. Funny, I was just thinking this the other night. I love serials! Some of my favorites are Nyoka and the Tigermen, The Shadow, Chandu the Magician, Undersea Kingdom . . . well I guess I like them all no matter how bad they are! Before I really got into movies I loved serials! How about TCM show a serial Saturday matinee? Perhaps an episode or two of a certain cliffhanger before the evening features? After a few weeks they would start up another cliffhanger! I would love to see serials have an outlet for audiences to enjoy them.
  15. I would love to see this turn up on TCM! One of the best films of the 80's and a wonderful soundtrack to boot!
  16. They could show that back to back with the Russell Crowe film Romper Stomper.
  17. I enjoy all kinds of movies and gore films are no exception. I also enjoy the cannibal movies. Anything like Faces of Death I stay away from not because it grosses me out because it doesn't, it just doesn't appeal to me. For some reason I just don't find it particularly entertaining. Pink Flamingos is gross so anything like that really grosses me out. Blood never bothers me in movies. The eye splinter scene in Zombie makes me blink a bit because they drag it out. Also the infamous eye scene from Thriller - A Cruel Picture. That kinda hurts.
  18. I am not too familiar with Dune having never read the books. I have seen the original movie but can't remember if it was the original release version or the directors cut. I have read somewhere that back in the 1970's Alejandro Jodorowsky was planning on filming Dune with Pink Floyd composing the music and Salvador Dali as a superegotistical character. However the funding fell through and a few years later David Lynch got the go ahead to film it and that's what we have today.
  19. Plato's Republic might be an interesting read for time traveling. Or the Lord of the Rings books just to confuse people in whatever future or prehistoric society you may be visiting. As for five movies to take on a time travel trip: Just off the top of my head - 1. Lawrence of Arabia - because it may be a while before you reach your destination. 2. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - because it may be a real long while before you reach your destination. 3. A Day at the Races - just for laughs in case you find yourself in a depressing future society. 4. Woodstock - to show that wierd hippyish future society what free love is all about not to mention the good soundtrack for your time travel adventures. and finally - 5. Nosferatu, to scare away any unwanted guests or in case your speakers go out.
  20. The title makes it more marketable for the Sci-Fi crowd though I suspect some innuendo there as well. I don't recall seeing this one yet but I have seen Devil Girl from Mars, which was probably better in its stage version that the film was based on. The title reminds me of the Doris Wishman film Nude on the Moon. Not as exciting as it sounds.
  21. Taste the Blood of Dracula is my favorite Lee as Dracula movie. Though, not a Hammer film, I haven't seen Jess Franco's Count Dracula with Lee playing the title role alongside Klaus Kinski and the lovely Soledad Miranda.
  22. Audition is definitely a horror film. Ichi, not so much. Probably more Sci-Fi. Though I can see why someone would see it as horror. I am a big Takashi Miike fan. The Guinea Pig series would be horror in the grand guignol fashion of extreme gore. A horror film should have the tension of something horrible happening or about to happen. Like waking up tomorrow and finding out that every movie on tv and in the theater has Bennifer in it. Chilling.
  23. Now that Rob Zombie has joined TCM to host classic cult films we just might see I Dismember Mama as well as a Ted Mikels marathon. Perhaps even H.G. Lewis and Arch Hall Jr. will show up as well.
  24. Conan

    The Wicker Man

    Cowboys for Christ is a creepy title alone. Sounds weird enough I may want to check it out. The original Wicker Man was a strange movie. I think the music helps make it creepier. The first time I watched it I wasn't sure what was going on but I knew it was going to be a bad situation. Britt Ekland looks fantastic in it by the way. I bet the remake couldn't match her scenes.
  25. My favorite universal horror films are: 1. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man 2. Son of Frankenstein 3. The Black Cat 4. The Bride of Frankenstein 5. Dracula 6. House of Dracula 7. Frankenstein 8. The Invisible Man 9. The Wolf Man 10. Son of Dracula Karloff was probably the best actor of the three though my personal favorite is Lugosi, I can watch anything with him in it no matter how bad. Chaney had some interesting roles but none more memorable than the live t.v. show Tales of Tomorrow in which he played Frankenstein's Monster. Unfortunately he was so drunk that while the show was being aired live he thought it was a rehearsal and didn't destroy the props like he was supposed to, instead picking them up menacingly and carefully placing them back on their marks. The scariest part came when he was to terrorize a young boy which he overly excelled at by shaking the boy a little too violently. One can see true terror on the boys face during this scene.
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