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  1. Here's one for anyone who's ever seen such rare "classics" as Turkish Star Wars or 3 Dove Adam. Turkish Star Wars is one of the rare movies that I have to sit down and watch every time I see it. I'm not aware of these movies ever playing on television but they can be found on video. It would be interesting to see TCM play more foreign movies from countries outside of europe. I thoroughly enjoy the lineup they already play, I'm just saying that every now and then it would be nice to see a film from somewhere with a cinema we are not already exposed to.
  2. The best time to watch movies is late at night when everyone else is asleep. No one to ask you what is going on in the movie. Subtitles or no film is visual so one should be able to follow along just looking at the pictures. And sometimes it's more fun to imagine what the characters are saying rather than knowing what they are saying. Also one can pick up a smattering of conversational French, German, Italian, Japanese or whatever else by looking at the pictures and listening to the language they speak.
  3. The only Godzilla I've seen on the big screen was Godzilla 2000. We used to have a theater around here that would show older movies but it closed down a couple years back and now only shows the new big hollywood pictures.
  4. There are so many excellent directors it is hard to pick three: I agree Ishiro Honda is fantastic. My pick for top three is probably: 1. Fritz Lang - 2. Sergei Eisenstein - 3. Akira Kurasawa. Though I'm sure this list will probably change tomorrow.
  5. For a long time Metropolis was my favorite Fritz Lang movie until I saw Die Nibelungen. Both Fritz Lang and Werner Herzog are two of my favorite directors so naturally I would list most of their films as my favorites of German Cinema. Outside of those two, Maedchen in Uniform is an interesting curio. Creature with the Blue Hand starring Klaus Kinski is fun to watch.
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