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  1. Watching , I felt Powell had a more fluid ,languid quality while Keeler felt more staccato and foot oriented . She didn't use her upper body . It's like the comparison of Kelly and Astaire . Astaire and Powell has an ekegance in dance while Kelly and Keeler had a more athletic presentation.
  2. I think for me the better question would be which musical do I NOT watch repeatedly ? My favorite film is THE WIZARD OF OZ. And I can honestly say I've seen it , over the course of my life so far , over 150 times. The sense of wonder, the innocence lost and refound, the friendships . And the songs, of course, keep me coming back to it . It transports me over the rainbow every time , pun intended . Haha
  3. How about a full 24 hrs of Christmas movies?? is that too much to ask? I would love 48 hrs of nothing but Christmas films. But I wont hold my breath on that. I know a week would be pushing it, but hey, why not?? lol. I know that a whole week would be improbable, not enought purely Christmas themed films, but throw in some non christmas would be ok. It is better than a day of regular films with ONE christmas film thrown in.
  4. Robert DeNiro - The King of Comedy with.... Sandra Bernhardt
  5. Hey thanks, I did not realize that. I tend to disregard the legal and corporate issues when I discuss films. I think the last time i saw JIMMY DEAN JIMMY DEAN wa son a local station's Saturday afternoon movie, some 10 yrs ago. That is kind of why I was hoping TCM could show it. But thank you for the heads up. I will try not to let my heart go ahead of my head next time I rant. :$ Thank you
  6. I would love to see some Lillian Gish films such as BROKEN BLOSSOMS ( one of the most heartbreaking films ever) , WHALES OF AUGUST ( not the greatest film but seeing Gish and Bette Davis is such a treat), THE WIND (Noone could act with their eyes like Gish could). I would love to see a more varied list on the TCM Imports. THE TIN DRUM, PONETTE, LA NUIT DA VARIENNE (sp?), LA BOUCHRE, BABETTES FEAST, EUROPA,EUROPA.
  7. First, I will say YAY!!! and BRAVO they will be showing BREWSTER MCCLOUD. But BOOOOS must be expressed also. Two films??!! TWO??!! Where is his whole day like so many get? Or at least half a day. There are so many films to chose from and to show. Again, I reiterate bravo for showing BREWSTER MCCLOUD. But how about 3 WOMEN? COME BACK TO THE FIVE AND DIME JIMMY DEAN, JIMMY DEAN? We need a lil more Altman love than 2 films. PLEASE TCM.
  8. Robin Williams - Popeye with .... Shelley Duvall
  9. I am an absolute nut about Christmas films. I love them all. I usually watch at least one Christmas themed film per day in December. And I dont just mean the usual suspects like A CHRISTMAS STORY or MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET. I love goofy ones like SCROOGED, terrible ones like SANTA VERSUS THE MARTIANS, horror themed ones like SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT. LOL But I have to say I love all of the tv movies also. THE NIGHT THEY SAVED CHRISTMAS with Jaclyn Smith and Art Carney, A SMOKEY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS with Dolly Parton and Lee Majors, UNLIKELY ANGEL with Dolly PArton and Roddy McDowall. Im hooked. I just cannot get thru December without them , lol . Dorky , maybe but I love the schmaltz of the season. Of course, when it comes right down to it, there is nothing like curling up with hot chocolate and watching MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1951), SCROOGE (the musical), MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE. Awwwww Happy Holidays everyone.
  10. I would love to see Lillian Gish as Star of the Month. Or Wallace Beery. Or Marie Dressler. More contemporary stars , maybe Anne Bancroft. Great under-appreciated films from her like The Slendor Thread w/Sidney Poitier.
  11. >>Will Ferrell - Anchorman > >>w/ Fred Willard - Best in Show
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