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  1. I don't know if you have noticed or not, but every time I turn on TCM the movies are about twenty years old?? I used to watch AMC until they began doing this same thing. Where can we go to watch the old black and white movies that will be too soon to be forgotten if this continues???
  2. I adore old movies, it takes you back to a simpler and gentler time. People didn't have to own everything under the sun to be happy. Love and marriage were more important. We didn't have the distraction of television, video games and the internet. Love thy neighbor and do unto others really meant something to that generation. I began watching American Movie Classics until it started to go the same route that I see Turner Classic Movies going, playing twenty year old movies instead of the rare black and whites that we don't get to see anywhere else. I haven't watched AMC in over ten years now. It worries me that there will be no where left to go to watch these lost and soon to be forgotten films.
  3. I am not at all happy with TCM either. Every time I turn it on for a relaxing old movie, its either westerns, war movies and now movies from the late seventies and eighties. Is there anywhere to go that will just cater to the lost black and white films? I long to watch these simpler times. When I am not feeling well or have the blues, its the only channel that will relax me from this helter skelter world we live in. Who can I write to where my opinion might matter? Looks like I am just going to be buying old movies instead and cancel the dish. Cat
  4. I am sure what the controversy would be about? These old films are all works of art and a glimpse into our past and history. Just as were these old debutants of the past. They were odd characters that lived a priveleged live to boot and had a story to tell of all their own. Don't get me wrong...I love the escapism of watching an old film and my friends make fun of me for it because I've always been in love with old film. The stress of the current movies is sometimes just to much to bear with all thats happening in todays world. I wish for a simpler time thats never going to return. The older the movies the better! I wish there were more silent movies left to show. I am looking forward to seeing some of the real things that happened to these lonely women. TCM is my favorite network. Cat
  5. I'm not sure if this is breaking any rules or not, but Amazon lists the film at a much better price. So there is a sequal? With unused footage? I've heard of the Broadway Play and the Movie they are planning on making.....never heard of this lost footage though. thanks.
  6. THANKYOU so so much Valo! I am going to tivo that one right now! I probably will end up purchasing it if its good. Documentaries like this fascinate me. thanks again, Cat
  7. Hi everyone. Im a little confused...Ive seen tmc advertise the story of Grey Gardens. Are going to air this film or are they just trying to sell DVDs? thanks.
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