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  1. I just never bought into this movie....but some think the old gal looks hot in black leather. ....Fastest guitar in the west.
  2. FLY me to The mooN..Let me StaY, for ever more...You are all I worship, all I long for and adore...in other words....hold my hand....in other words, BaBy kiss ME......FILL my life with SONG, let me live for ever more......In other words...Please be true......In other words...Hey, in other words...I said in other wooooooordssssss......iiiiiiiiii, Love...You !!!!!
  3. My mom and dad before they died liked a Guy Lombardo tape I made that they would play on New Years. perhaps has nothing to do with this thread....but Enjoy, Yourself...It's later than you think....Enjoy, Yourself....While you're still in the pink....The years. fly by, much faster than you think...Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy Yourself, It's later than you think....( who needs the Stones )....You dream about, dollars bills, piled neat all in a stack....but if you kiss a dollar bill, it won't kiss you back..... Enjoy, Yourself, ...It's Late Er Than You...Think......Cha, Cha, Cha
  4. I took time to search the internet sites on this, and looked at all the info I could find.... Do not see Dodge City or Libery Lady as big box office hits in 1935 to 1939......The big money movies were Mutiny On The Bounty, Top Hat, San Francisco, How To Be A Detective, One In A Million, Maytime, You Can't Take It With You, Dawn Patrol, Alexanders Ragtime Band, Wizard Of Oz, Mr Smith Goes To Washington....and Gone With The Wind that was easily the biggest box office hit for decades. ......It's off of big box office hits that this list is based on.....So I wouldn't be adjusting things to Liberty
  5. This list wouldn't include Libel Lady because it wasn't a big box office hit.....This is only a list of stars in big box office hits, nothing more......Gone With The Wind made 77,641,106 and nothing comes close to that from 1935 to 1939. ....1,000,000 was a big movie. ..... In these different eras, what movies did people spend their hard earned money to see, and who was in them. ...I'm not saying these are the best actors or actresses ever or that others didn't make more money over decades of work. .....Sally Field for example was in blockbusters Mrs Doubtfire and Forrest Gump in one time
  6. The money made off of Gone With The Wind, the other movies of this era aren't even close...and Leigh is seen the most in this movie. again, this isn't the theatre list of who they thought was big box office, this is actors / actresses in the biggest box office movie in these time frames. Now some are in a few big box office movies in these time frames. Some movies were such big box office that it only takes the one because the money of other movies combined would never catch up. ....On money spent, these names listed were seen by alot of ticket buyers in these time frames. Now a Do
  7. Mary Poppins in 1964 was a huge box office hit......and in 65 to 69, both Sound Of Music and Hawaii were huge box office hits. ......I like Doris Day.....this is just a list of who was in the big box office hits of these eras, per records by Variety and other sources for each year. Edited by: WhyaDuck on Aug 26, 2013 5:30 PM
  8. Going off of Box Office records lists, I'm making this list in 5 year periods, not 10. Trying to see who was in the biggest most watched movies therefore making them the most watched faces on the screen in these box office hits. Not saying the best actors / actresses, but the most seen per the box office hits of their times they were in. 1915 to 1919 : Henry Walthall and Lillian Gish 1920 to 1924 : Rudolph Valentino and Lillian Gish 1925 to 1929 : Ramo'n Novarro and Ren'ee Ador'ee 1930 to 1934 : Boris Karloff and Faye Wray 1935 to 1939 : Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh 1940 to 1944 :
  12. I had to post this because it sounds funny if you say it.....Doris Day Day.....
  13. OK, I hadn't seen the commercial for Friday Night Movies........and these are going to be movies you will either love or hate.....they are going for that angle.......which is good, as I say, at least they are showing different movies, which most of us have been wanting. Such as this Friday will be 1941, and some are going to love it and others are going to hate it. The theatre audience I was in when it came out laughed at parts, and groaned through alot of it. It has it's ups and downs. Belushi is probably what people came to see, but Robert Stack and Slim Pickens were kind of funny in it
  14. I've never seen this......James Garner and Edmond O'Brian are very good in this.....Also, Alan Hale Jr, who is such a good navy man in this, how did he get the Minnow 1,000 miles off course on a 3 hour cruise ? Probably that Gilligan. Somewhat like Ice Station Zebra.....You've got the spy Navy Seal Bond type character, Garner.....but getting him there is alot of the story, Submarine Captain O'Brian Memorial Day Weekend, I'm glad I saw this for the first time. Edited by: WhyaDuck on May 25, 2013 6:15 PM
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