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    Love me tender

    Was watching Love me Tender and thought I recognized actor James Stacy as a passenger asleep on the train before the Reno brothers were freed by Neville Brand and other 2. Could anybody confirm this. The movie was made in 1956, Stacy's film credits dont start until 1957. I know it is him though! Please contact me at scoc61@gmail.com if u can confirm. My wife and I ahve scoured the internet. My movie cred is @ stake :^)
  2. Thank you Susan I was checking to see if my eyes were deceiving me. Also thanks for the history lesson. Happy New Year
  3. I was watching the movie Irene with Ray Miland. There was a scene where black actors were performing a dance scene on stage. There were 3 woman singing on a balcony. I believe the one in the middle was the actress who played Carmen and was in Porgy & Bess(Dorothy Dandridge). Did anyone else notice her? Looked at the credits and no mention.
  4. Does anyone remember a film from the 50/60's in which aliens in human form have a type of slit in their neck through which they breathe? I remember the air in the movie to be filled at a point with what looked like floating bits of feather. Ring any bells for anyone? It's killing me. Thanks
  5. Thank you very much, one of my faves as a child. Would like to see again.
  6. A little boy thinks that his parents are no longer his parents. They have been taken over by an alien life form. I think a space ship crashes behind a fence, maybe. Thanks
  7. astronaut are on a planet of amazons. The queen wears a mask to hide her face that has been disfigured. She becomes jealous and wants the men killed.
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