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  1. What an amazing movie!!! Great, great Italian film. Who else thinks Michele dies at the end?
  2. Okay, the brainiacs on "Silver Screen Oasis" nailed this in about five minutes... It's "Sequoia," 1930s, based on the novel, "Malibu"... I was close! Sort of!!!
  3. Also try the website "Silver Screen Oasis," which is an offshoot of this message board. They got my movie nailed down in about five minutes!!! It's "Sequoia," 1930s, based on the book "Malibu."
  4. Okay; help, folks. I thought it was called "Malibu"; a 1950s (maybe 40s) nature/animal film -- but not documentary -- in the style of "The Yearling." About a young woman living with her nature writer father in a cabin, possibly in Florida, who adopts an orphaned cougar cub and deer fawn. She vows that they will be friends, contrary to nature, and in the end each saves the others' life when they're adults from evil poachers. She has a romance with the forest ranger. Can't find this one anywhere!
  5. In which movie does this appear, and how does it go (exactly)? "I was born when I met you; I lived while you loved me; I died when you left me."
  6. Yes, finally found it under a search for Robinson; mostly the ending. Sounds like he was framed by a neighbor, but I missed the end of the movie... Pretty funny, esp. in the beginning... And a treat to see Mrs. Olson, the Folger's coffee lady, playing it straight.
  7. Really hilarious "film noire" about a man who dreams he's murdered someone, then wakes to find evidence that maybe he really did; fortunately,his brother-in-law (Edward G. Robinson) just happens to be a detective, so they were cracking the case when my tape ran out; ARGH!!! Set in New Orleans; can anyone give me info on this, including full title, cast list, and the ending? Cross-posted.
  8. Although I sometimes "get caught" watching a movie when I didn't intend to, I mostly tape and watch later... Partly because I'm busy during the day and evening, but mostly because the movies I WANT to watch are usually shown in the wee hours on TCM: foreign, silent, etc.... When I do watch, I try to make a big production out of it, LOL; I get comfortable, recline on the bed with my wedge, have my blanket and cats, my drink and snacks, dim the lights, and settle in. Someday I'd like to set up a real "home theatre" with a big-screen TV and "ambience"...
  9. Okay, I've once again stumbled across a half a movie and have no clue what it is (it takes me months -- if not years -- for me to watch these tapes); Joan Crawford playing "Billie," daughter of a radio star; a friend named "Kentucky," who's secretly in love with JC's fiance; she flirts with an older Man of the World from Argentina and gets her just desserts, but all's well that ends well... Silent. Anyone?
  10. I was THRILLED to see this line-up; couldn't watch it all, so recorded the rest... THANK YOU, TCM, for doing what I know you can do when you try... : D Almost made up for "Paper Moon."
  11. I missed what you were complaining about, but please remember that being "negative" about something negative is actually being "positive"; if a movie sucks, don't apologize for saying so. We need more "voices crying in the wilderness" to preserve the original integrity of this station.
  12. "I to not to long ago did the same thing...." I think you've got the beginning of a song there, Ava. Yuh, but let's run Grammarlcheck on those lyrics first, sweetie... I realize that worrying about such things is so NOT 20-something, but we old-timers have our standards -- Cole Porter, etc.
  13. Please tell me you're not retracting your Rose McGowan comments; "bitter" or not, you were right on...
  14. Well, crup; I'm missing it...
  15. Still, she shut it when her guest entered, so that probably threw her off... Although that "staring off into space" routine was a dead giveaway...
  16. "Why did it take so long for that other woman to figure out that Madge Evans was blind?" Maybe because she was sitting there with a book in her lap when she came in; what was THAT about???
  17. I loved it, Fred; reminded me in some ways of "Metropolis" and, of course, you've always gotta be grateful for that "star-crossed lovers" subplot when it's a GUY plot with explosions and machines.
  18. Well, let's see... It's 16 for driving... 18 for voting and drafting... 21 for drinking, in some states... You get the general idea............... More importantly.... You know, it's kind of like some of these other "special interest groups"; they claim to want "it" (whaever demographic characteric is at issue) to be a non-issue, yet they're the one's who are constantly making it an issue by emphasizing and "imposing" it... If I can't TELL BY READING that someone is 14 or 16 (by pushing Bill Murray), then it's a non-issue; if I can tell with the first three words, then someone
  19. Too bad we can't "card" people; I have a sneaking suspicion that would solve most of the problems...
  20. I've never been tempted... Until today................
  21. "How about actually talking about classic movies?" Love to, Fred! But I suggest we take that conversation to a thread *not* entitled, "I want to apologize to the adults in here." And thanks, DePalma, although I didn't think Fred was accusing me of that (?), at least.
  22. "I liked it. I'm in love with Edwina Booth." Fred. You're in love with ALL the women.
  23. DePalma... Remember Maggie the Cat snarling, "Little no-neck monsters," tee heeeeeee... That one always gets me giggling!!!
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