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  1. Yes! The Thief Of Baghdad! also, The Adventures Of Robin Hood(1938) Beau Geste(1939) Gunga Din(1939) Northwest Passage(1940) Captain Blood(1935) The Charge Of The Light Brigade(1936) Spartacus(1960) The Great Escape(1963) Bullitt(1968) Enter The Dragon(1973)
  2. Great titles from James Whale: Sinners In Paradise(1938) The Kiss Before The Mirror(1933) Impatient Maiden(1932) also: Kiss Of Death(1947) The Bitter Tea of General Yen(1933) Where Eagles Dare(1968) Bad titles: The Patriot(2000) Unless it was meant to be ironic, this is a horrible title, as Mel Gibson's character is not fighting out of patriotism, but to satisfy his thirst for vengeance. Dangerous When Wet(1953)Another classic film title that would be misconstrued today. Duck Soup(1933) ...may be why this wasn't a hit at the time.
  3. Lupe Velez in PALOOKA. There is a scene wherein her dress keeps falling off. Unfortunately, she catches it just in time!
  4. I'll bet a lot of people in Hollywood, New York, Cambridge, and Moscow LOVED Mission to Moscow. It is the lowest form of propaganda, perhaps as low as anything Fraulein Riefenstahl ever made!
  5. Ronald Reagan for Pres.(Republican) Henry Fonda for Pres.(Democrat) Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone would make an interesting Pres.! Too bad he was born in Sicily! Lewis Stone as Judge Hardy, could sit on the Supreme Court!
  6. nedlato

    World War II Films

    If we hadn't restrained ourselves from invading Germany(out of mistaken concern of Hitlers' Bavarian Redoubt), we(the Western Allies)could have captured Berlin-eastern Germany, Prague, and Vienna before the damn communists! FDR almost gleefully handed Eastern Europe over to Stalin. Then Eisenhower shamefully and digustingly removed from command, the only man who could intimidate the Soviets: General George Smith Patton Jr. It's a good thing Truman was V.P. instead of Wallace!
  7. If he had "ratted" out some Nazi sympathizers, would he be so demeaned? Stalin and Hitler were the same. Those fellow travelers followed evil. They were wrong.
  8. My father is a retired Marine, and he is hardly a latent homosexual or a psychopath. Come to think of it neither is my grandfather or my uncle both of whom had careers in the U.S.M.C.!
  9. Definitely AMERICAN BEAUTY! What a loathsome peice of cinematic garbage! The lives of upper-middle class America as portrayed by multi-billioniare Hollywood producers. America is such a horrible place to live what with all of the nice homes, and new cars. Hey let's just throw our dinner on the wall! Whoever wrote this crap should go live somewhere like Mali or Sierra Leone if he thinks life in the good ol' U.S.A. is so awful and empty! I can't stand those "message" movies a la GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER,INHERIT THE WIND,TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD etc... I know you all love these films and t
  10. I have seen THE GODFATHER 72,983 times! That is a lie of course. However I really do not need to see it on television. I have the DVD collection BUT, if showing it on TCM is what it takes to get Antar and...that other guy(sorry)to see the movie then SHOW IT!
  11. You are right of course! However, she could have gained a few more pounds!
  12. Whoa there! Talk about allusions!
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