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  1. YES!!! THAT'S IT!! Thank you so much. Now, if I can find a copy of it....
  2. I think it may have been the 40's or 50's. The man is very out-of-place in the Indian outfit. Later, she gets a suit for him, but he keeps the mocassins on during the whole movie. When she is forced to introduce him to her friends, she introduces him as George Mocassin. At the end of the movie, she is in the church at the altar with the groom and "George" is standing by a fire alarm. As she starts to say, "I do", he pulls it and fire trucks come screaming to the scene. A fireman whisks her away and she recognizes him. He is the little boy in the home movies who grew up and became a firema
  3. I saw this movie as a child. I do not know who was in it or the title, but the plot goes... A man dressed as an American Indian appears on a train and begins to follow a woman who is engaged to be married. She has broken off several engagements already and her family is determined to get her married this time. She tries to get the man to leave, but he keeps insisting that he is only there because she wants him there. At some point, she is watching old home movies and sees herself as a child at a birthday party. A boy dressed in Indian costume is also in the film and she recognizes him.....
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