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  1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help. I love fantasy movies with an arabian theme. I will do my best to get a copy of it somehow.
  2. The hero runs away from angry people, and hides in a space between buildings. He falls asleep there. He wakes up next to some sleeping dogs. He scratches at fleas, and wishes for a way to remove them. The genie appears, and makes the hero grow to enormous size. The hero picks off the fleas, which have also grown larger. That is all I remember of the movie. I hope that this movie is not called Sabu and the Magic Ring, because that movie is not available anywhere. I do not know if the genie is called forth by a lamp, or a ring, or something else. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Do you watch the theatrical versions, or do you watch the extended versions? I have the extended versions, and my wife and I watched them after seeing the last of the trilogy in the theateres. I also got the theatrical (short) version of the third movie, because I like the editing better.
  4. I have seen the "Seventh Voyage". I agree, it is a great movie. I thought I had a copy of it, but I must have lost it. I have seen the "Golden Voyage", it is a good movie. I have also seen the "Eye of the Tiger". I agree, it does start slow. I have "Captain Sinbad" on tape, but not the best quality. It is a good movie. Thank you all for your suggestions, I really appreciate them. Has anyone seen the Elvis Presley movie "Harum Scarum"? Is it just sillyness, or is there a decent plot to go along with the Arabian costumes and stage sets?
  5. I have heard about Valentino's Sheik movies, but have never seen them. I once saw a movie supposedly about his life, but all the movie did was trash his personal life and trivialize his talent. There is a very funny comedy called The World's Greatest Lover. He does not appear, even though the movie uses his character in the "background". I will watch " The Barbarian" first chance I get. It sounds like fun.
  6. Kismet sounds like fun. I will watch it if it comes on.
  7. Yes, I have seen Ali Baba Goes To Town. I will keep an eye out for Son Of Sinbad. If Vincent Price is in it, it should be good.
  8. Thanks for the information. I will keep an eye out for these movies.
  9. I am always fascinated by Arabian Nights style movies, with or without magic elements. The Sword Of Ali Baba had some interesting elements. I really like the Hallmark miniseries of Arabian Nights. It was very well done. I have seen every one of the Captain Sinbad movies. The Alladin animated movie put out by Disney was good. I used to have The Prince Who Was A Thief, but the video tape was accidentally erased. Can anyone suggest any other movies I could look for that would fit into this sub genre?
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