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  1. Hi everyone, I'm entirely unfamiliar with silent films, and have just watched my first (Metropolis) for a class I'm in. I'm writing a paper on the relation of sexuality in the film to a couple social movements of the time period. In case you're familiar with the film, I'll include the names of characters and scenes, etc. If not don't worry about it, my question is on silent films in general. In the Tower of Babel, Freder gets extremely close in proximity to Josaphat when explaining to him his desire for Maria and the explosions in the depths. He gets extreeeeeeemely close to him, and I might be able to argue that his closeness to him might be a form of femininity, which would work well for the paper. However, I don't know if this kind of thing is regular in most silent films. Because of the lack of dialog, I'd assume you have to exaggerate your motions to convey emotions, but do two male characters typically get so close (Freder's arm was on Josaphat's chest, their faces aligned) in other films?
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