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  1. Without a doubt Deanna Durbin... no question about it.
  2. I just wanted to see everyone elses top three favorite Judy films, since I am a huge Judyfan. Mine are, as follows: 1. Easter Parade 2. Meet Me In St. Louis 3. For Me and My Gal
  3. My top favorite musicals would have to be, The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me In St. Louis, Easter Parade, The Sound of Music, and the King and I. I agree with the previous post, Judy Garland is the greatest. She is one of the few vocalists who could sing with the exact emotion that the song represented. She was always perfect emotionally in songs and films.
  4. I couldn't agree more about the two different kinds of musicals. I think that it is a lot more difficult to have to sing, dance, and act all with the same emotion(s). If a whole cast can do this and make it believable then the movie deserves as much credit as possible.
  5. I agree that the list is a little odd. I don't think Grease belongs on the list at all. I think that many of the songs are catchy and the film itself is "cute" but I wouldn't consider it a musical masterpiece. It is too simplistic. Though many musicals on the list are simplistic, they were groundbreaking in some way. A movie like Meet Me In St.Louis is simplistic, yet a masterpiece. Anyone who knows anything about the history of Hollywood musicals knows that MMSL was different from many musicals that came before it. In most musicals that came before it, the story lines consisted of wannab
  6. I was recently having a discussion with my high school Drama Club about old movie stars. Since we are in the process of putting on a musical right now, we began talking about the best Hollywood musicals of all time. I stated that pretty much anything with Judy Garland in it is amazing. However almost half the club disagreed and they believe that Judy Garland wasn't great at all. I was astonished that they would make such a harsh comment about a legend, who to me, is clearly incredibly talented. When they asked what made her so amazing, I couldn't come up with the right words. To me, she is jus
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