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  1. nyz

    need help with movie

    Thank you I thought that this was it but wasnt sure appreciate it.
  2. There was a movie that I watched ages ago that starred the late RORY CALHOUN. I can only remember that he played a demented Pig farmer who was into killing people and planting them in his garden. Pretty good flick, is it available for rent? any help would be appreciated. And the Title. thanks
  3. nyz

    need help with movie

    Thank you for the help I appreciate it.
  4. I loved valley of the dolls what a great movie. It was so bizarre and weird
  5. Several years ago I saw a movie that was really scary but cant remember the name of it. Here's what I do remember, It was basically a movie about a woman who was british, and she was some kind of snake woman who would lure young men into her home and bite them then they would die. Also it had some kind of cave that had been dug out by these humongous type of venomous snakes I think it was called the Lair of the white Worm. Could this be it I would love to see this movie again.
  6. well that is easy Its Vincent Price his acting and portrayal of classic's such as Edgar Allen Poe's works make him my #1 horror actor of all time.
  7. nyz


    Does anyone remember that Movie i believe from the 70's that had the first black vampire for some reason that movie has stayed with me. It was a ok movie and opened the way for a vampire of another race, pretty cool idea.
  8. correction on the spelling of Bella's last name LUGOSI, please dont bite me LOL!
  9. Correction on character name I meant Mina My apologies
  10. so movie buffs which vampire do you regard as your favorite of all time? My favorites starting with the old of course is Bela Logisi, Christopher Lee, Frank Langella. And Now for the New, Gary Oldman and here is why. Bram Stokers Dracula was the best remake of the classic tale. Oldman's portrayal of the prince of darkness was so well done that I was totally raptured by this movie. Oldman was classy, gorgeous and very appealing to the female fans. I also liked the fact that in this movie he was shown as having a very human side of emotions instead of just being a villain, some of the love
  11. nyz


    Ok just saw this flick, all I can say is that I wasnt all that impressed, I prefered Russ Meyers faster Pussycat alot better. All I can say Is YAWN!
  12. ok I am adding another one even though this one is more of a psychological thriller "Whatever happened to Baby Jane" this movie paired two movie Icons Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. and it was a awesome movie.
  13. I guess with all the previous posts that I did I really like quite a few but here's some more, Night Breed, Children of the corn, Hell raiser, Alfred Hitchcocks the Birds, Christine, Rosemary's baby, the mask of red death. I am sure that more will come to follow once I think of some more that ive seen
  14. ahem back in the days when I was young and stupid and smoking pot, this kind of movie would have been a big hit with all the stoners. I actually saw the original and the remade version on HBO. When I saw the original again I was laughing my butt off and to think this movie was made by the Government as an anti drug statement, Most kids who smoke pot would be laughing thier butts off other than being scared to death Message was edited by: nyz
  15. ok Russ meyer really went over the top Literally, but I have to say that I actually enjoyed this movie, those chicks kicked A@s! It of course was full of sexual inuendos but I think that was Russ meyers point in makeing this flick
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