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  1. It looks like BRANDED TO KILL has mysteriously disappeared off the schedule. It was listed in the NOW PLAYING guide that it was to be on tonight (November 5th) at 11pm PST. Bummer...I really wanted to see this one. Hopefully they will reschedule this cult Japanese Yakuza gem. ///thechooper
  2. thechooper


    I was anxious to see if TCM would air this lesser known RUSS MEYER gem in unedited form... and they most certainly did. BRAVO to Turner Classic Movies. MUDHONEY doesn't compare to FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!, but it is damn entertaining nonetheless. It's fun to see STUART LANCASTER in a good guy role. Maybe they can get around to airing MOTOR PSYCHO or maybe if they're in a real daring mood... VIXEN. But I am quite happy to finally see some RUSS MEYER airing on a national cable channel. Thanks again TCM! Keep TCM UNDERGROUND alive... and have ROB ZOMBIE do more interviews and interaction wit
  3. I have seen this film at least 25 times, and it never fails to entertain. Thank you TCM for having the smarts to be the first to air the RUSS MEYER gem... FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! on television. What a delight it is to see the stunning TURA SATANA kickin' butt as Varla (the undeniable star of this production)... along with the beautiful HAJI and LORI WILLIAMS as her demented go-go gang sidekicks, and the lecherous STUART LANCASTER. I am already a fan of ROB ZOMBIE's music, and the new TCM UNDERGROUND is a great new show idea...and I hope they continue this cult movie programming indefinit
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