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  1. Oh Yuck, I'm a Pirates fan. Braun is a heck of a player but I can't stand his mug. The extracurriculars with the Brew Crew over this past series were alot of fun, looking forward to our next matchup.
  2. I love the Venus in Furs theme. VENUS IN FURS WILL BE SMILINGGGGG
  3. That was kinda weird. I was in my basement and I said I should go check TCM, I have a feeling the October schedule should be up by now and sure enough it was. What an awesome month. I am looking forward to Oh Brother Where Art Thou. I like the Coens alot but oddly I never got around to seeing this one. I used the suggest a movie feature a couple of days ago to request 8 1/2. I'm sure it was already planned before I suggested it but it feels nice to imagine they listened to me. Also TCM Underground looks awesome awesome awesome for October, UHF, Videodrome, Swamp Thing, Putney Swope, Greaser's
  4. I love the Amityville Horror book, it is so spooky and creepy. I read it in eighth grade and slept under the covers for a month. The book is totally bogus, I don't believe any of that stuff actually happened. However it is a great story, I just wish they could make a movie based on the book and get it right. The James Brolin version is hilarious and stupid but I really enjoy it. The remake from a couple years ago really veered off from the book. All a director has to do is follow the book and he or she will have a great movie.
  5. Isn't there a lost version of Great Gatsby? Was there one made in the 30s that is now lost? Or have I made this all up?
  6. Totally solid month, theres some nice variety and a couple that I don't remember seeing. Imports and Underground look very fun, plus they are running Mickey One, which I have never been able to see. Very good month for TCM.
  7. I've seen Suspiria about five times but I think I'm gonna stay up late tonight and watch it. That scene with the blind man and his dog in the courtyard is so spooky and suspenseful.
  8. I wish TCM would play Black Orpheus some time. I saw it once a few years ago and I would love to tape it. I found the soundtrack on vinyl two years ago at a second hand store. It is really lovely music, very pleasant and relaxing.
  9. Awesome stuff with new movies on TCM underground. Suspiria, The Harder they Come and what appears to be a thirties double feature with sex and drug movies.
  10. I have seen it and loved it. I think its a blast, Fred Williamson and Bo Svensen have fun with it.
  11. I'm lucky, I got to see him two years ago at Penn State.
  12. I dig alot of his earlier movies, Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore. Recently though, he's just not interesting or cool. He has just become pretty meh.
  13. I'm jealous, that is so so cool. Handshake would be awesome enough but to a get a picture puts it beyond awesome. Very cool dude.
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