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  1. Smallville has had Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arrow so far. The only one with a costume is Green Arrow and it looks great. If anyone is interested in the radio adventures of Superman, there is a great old-time radio site www.otrcat.com ...they have all kinds of old-time radio series for great prices. I recently bought the Fleisher Superman cartoons on DVD with original openings and great quality. I'm waiting for the director's cut of Superman II by Richard Donner which promises to be greater than the theatrical release. For any serials, check out ebay.. there is always someone who has some
  2. Gerb...I don't personally have them on DVD yet, but a friend of mine has 4 VCI serials on DVD, The Adventures of Rusty and Rinty, Sea Raiders, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, and Riders of Death Valley. I've watched them and they are all good quality productions. I would recommend them. Good luck with your collection. Message was edited by: peabodyseven
  3. Gerb...most of my "bad" quality tapes are 3rd or 4th generation copies, and I'm sure you know how the deterioration of quality is at that point. Those are the ones I'm basically upgrading first. The 2 Batman serials, the 2 Lone Ranger serials and about fifteen others. I've gone to ebay for my dvd's and I have to say if you're not picky about a box or fancy labeling, you can get some rather good quality stuff there. I picked up copies of The Shadow, King of the Rocketmen, Captain Marvel, Undersea Kingdom, Phantom Empire and 2 Flash Gordons for about 10 bucks each. There are a whole lot of de
  4. The mystery of the Superman serials on Turner is solved!!! I discovered that in November both Superman serials are being released on DVD...hopefully this won't mean that these two are the only ones they show because of this reason...
  5. I've got over a hundred serials on video (some in bad quality, but watchable) and recently I've been upgrading to dvd off of ebay. A Saturday morning serial is what Turner has needed for years. And now they have it followed by Cartoon Alley....What more could one wish for??? Oh yeah, some of those "B" western shorts with Bill Elliott and other cowboy stars!! Quite honestly, though Superman wouldn't have been my first choice..Flash Gordon would have been a good starter, but yeah, Captain Marvel, Spy Smasher, or King of the Rocketmen would have been nice as well.
  6. I love cartoon alley and all the info about the directors and animators and the cartoons themselves...But a half hour is just NOT enough. Turner Classics should give at least 2 hours each Saturday morning and let the half hour shows remain on Sunday.
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