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  1. Decision Before Dawn was filmed only a few years after the end of World War II, and was filmed on location in Germany. Many of the of bombed out cities shown in the movie were actually in West Germany and lend an authenticity that would be very difficult to duplicate. A movie well worth seeing, the characters portrayed are very realistic, and the story holds your attention throughout. Catch it if you can.
  2. The "Bridges of Toko-Ri" chronicles a series of attacks during the Korean War. Since, the question was about a WWII movie, I suspect "Bridges" is incorrect. The Dam Busters was a well-done, mostly factual movie. Well worth seeing. I think that's the movie the questioner was inquiring about.
  3. Hi all, Let's not forget "Three Came Home" with Claudette Colbert. A true story of women enduring World War II in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp.
  4. Ken Burns has taken an important subject-World War II and has turned it into a vehicle to make an anti-war statement. This comes across continuously in all the episodes-focusing constantly on certain facets of the war to make his point. We know their was racism in the war, but do we need to be hit over the head constantly about it. We know their were mistakes made during the war that cost many Americans to lose their lives, but do we need to dwell on it. I think in the whole series, (which I've seen several times now), there was maybe one mention of a heroic act an American soldier may have performed. Just think, do you recall in this series any mention of our many Congressional Medal of Honor winners, and what they did to earn that award? The heroism our soldiers, sailors and airmen displayed during the War seems to be drowned out by his continual focus on aspects he feels will meet his political ends. Is there any real mention as to why we went to war? And, what we were really fighting for? A cursory discussion but not much more. Our country during World War II worked together for a common purpose as we never had before, yet this seems to be lost in Ken Burns continual diatribe to make his anti-war statement. The patriotism we felt during that war seems to be relegated to a minor discussion and mention in his series. War is terrible, I know, and we lost too many people in the war, and too many people suffered, but Ken Burns takes only the ugly parts of war, and focuses all his efforts on that to make his anti-war statements. He has dishonored many veterans of World War II, by taking an important subject, and using it for his political ends.
  5. A lot. It was an elaborate ruse by the French to make the Germans think that the art train was going to Germany, but, indeed, it was going right back to where it started. The Stationmaster and the "Cheese" phone calls were signals to the train stations along the line, to change their signs on the sides of buildings and towers to make the Germans believe they were going to Germany, when indeed they were taking a big circular route back to where they began. You missed a lot, and one of the best parts of the movie.
  6. Sounds like "Sahara" with Humphrey Bogart and Lloyd Bridges.
  7. twohats


    Sahara is one of my favorite World War II films. A great story, with wonderful dialogue, and actors. And one actor who never received his due for his role in this film - a young Lloyd Bridges. Next time you watch this film, pay attention to his acting, and how convincing he is. A great supporting role for him, and, again, one he never received the recognition for.
  8. "Gung'Ho" with Randolph Scott, and a very young Robert Mitchum.
  9. And, my last two for now, which I can't forget to omit: 32. Guadalcanal Diary 33. Wake Island
  10. I also can't limit myself to ten, so here are more of my favorites, in no particular order again: 11. Zulu 12. Twelve O'Clock High 13. Cry Havoc 14. Battleground 15. The Story of G.I. Joe 16. From Here to Eternity 17. Bridge Over the River Kwai 18. The Train 19. 13 Rue Madeleine 20. Best Years of Our Lives 21. Battle Cry 22. Since You Went Away (the romantic in me!) 23. Action in the North Atlantic 24. Counterfeit Traitor 25. Run Silent, Run Deep 26. No Man Is An Island 27. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo 28. Stalag 17 29 Cross of Lorraine 30. Sahara 31. Mrs. Miniver
  11. In no particular order, but my favorites are all World War II films: 1. They Were Expendable (this is really my number one!) 2. Bataan 3. Back to Bataan 4. Wake Island 5. Air Force 6. Heaven Knows Mr. Allison 7. Patton 8. A Bridge Too Far 9. Mister Roberts 10. Longest Day
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