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  1. I really want to see this film..and i'm also stoked for There Will Be Blood with Daniel Day-Lewis which is coming out around Xmas. That guy is so quality
  2. haha whoot whoot! or as I have jokingly began to call them: "team Larvien" the Brangelina of their day...only better.
  3. ohh i love that pic of paulette!
  4. Thank you:) I've been enraptured by their story for a number of years now. I know it didn't end well, but I seriously think he loved her until his dying day and she obviously never got over him. Sad, but...beautiful?
  5. glad you like! she had superb coloring, and she had thin eyebrows too back when she was younger that definitely didn't suit her face. I'm glad she let them grow naturally after GWTW
  6. I know, I'm just saying. Thin eyebrows didn't suit everyone's faces
  7. i think it's her eyebrows that throw me off, idk, i my opinion they don't suit her face and should have been a bit thicker, maybe?
  8. Laurence Olivier Vivien Leigh them being cute together
  9. I'm not a garbo fan and have never found her look very "pretty" but even I have to admit that the below photo is stunning. Nice choice!
  10. Definitely agree. No, I don't think she has ever been star of the month or had any sort of tribute done to her. To say TCM doesn't have enough movies to show is silly. GWTW takes up 4 hours alone. I've also seen Waterloo bridge, Streetcar, Ship of Fools, and A yank at Oxford on that channel, not to mention TCM has the Making of a Legend and that annoying Jessca Lange-narrated biography of Vivien. I think she's definitely underrated in this way (and others but i won't go into that). They pay tribute to obscure B stars, but have never done one for Vivien. Just because she wasn't Bette
  11. oh fab! she's mine too:) I hope you like all the photos and info there!
  12. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted here, but I wanted to let you all know about my (relatively) new website dedicated to Sir Laurence and Lady Olivier: http://www.vivandlarry.com I'm trying to make it the most comprehensive on the web because a lot of sites about either of them are defunct or don't have much info, and I've never seen a site dedicated to both of them. It's still under construction, but a lot of the links are up as well as is the photo gallery which has over 1300 HQ and rare photos and is always growing. If you're a fan of either of them, come check
  13. gah. i have the LIFE from 1960 with clark on the cover. It came out shortly after he died
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