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  1. It seem when the pre-code era ended most of the prominent stars of pre-code careers ended too. Was it because pre-code cursed them or they couldn't build a new movie image or the public wouldn't accept their new image for the new standards of films since they were associated with the "immoral" pre-code movies? Only a few like Jean Harlow and Joan Blondell were able to create a new image that set them free from the pre-code taboo. In pre-code they were very sexual-devil-may-care women. After the pre-code era, Jean actually created a sexy but innocent image so did Joan B. (in a way) and they
  2. I been raving on Noel Francis for a year now. I'm surprised she doesn't receive recognition. She was the ultimate bad girl, badder then Jean Harlow or Bette Davis and that says a lot! Noel could steal Bette Davis title of being a perfect definition of a B****. Noel Francis could really make you hate her. She was a great seductress, great vamp, and cold-hearted towards anyone who she couldn't benefit from. Noel knew how to seduce men with her mind rather then her body. Jean Harlow seduced men with sex and her body while Noel made love to a man's mind and with her smarts got what she wanted. Noe
  3. You all have got to see "By Whose Hand?". It was a very entertaining 65 minute movie, it will be the best 65 minutes you ever spent. This movie is another example of pre-code greatness. Crime, Love, Betrayal, and Murder all takes place on a train ride. Ben Lyon plays Jimmy Hawley, a newspaper reporter who is always got his eye out for a story. He gets kissed accidentally by pretty Alice (Barbara Weeks) and because of that he follows her to California on a train where a big story evolves right before his eyes. The train ride has plenty of suspects with a shady past, a jewelry distributor (Kenne
  4. I know men love how women were scantily clad dressed but if that is the only reason for liking pre-code then your cheating yourself. I love the realness and rawness and how everything didn't have a happy ending. Pre-code dealt with stories you really could relate to, an average human being could relate too and you could learn something from others mistakes. It's hard for me to relate to movies after the pre-code era, their so fairytale-like. I liked how pre-code movies showed the changing of morals and values but pre-code never was filthy and tasteless like today's movies that have no plot, su
  5. DD, we have a lot in common. I want to see every pre-code film I can before I die. I don't care much for other genre of films. Have you seen Lonely Wives? Now that is a sexy and funny movie that TCM broadcast in the past. It's filled with obvious sexual innuendos and raciness but still surprisingly classy. No nudity, no curse words but it's obvious the characters were sex-crazed. When I first started watching old movies, I knew nothing about pre-code era and I was watching mostly iconic and popular films that everyone else loved. I enjoyed them but for some reason those movies didn't move m
  6. Daneldorado, Have you seen War Nurses? TCM airs it every now and then but it stars Anita Page and Robert Montgomery it's the film that Cry Havoc was remade from. The film is basically about the trials of war nurses in WW 1. Anita Page gets involved with a solider, gets pregnant by him, then finds out later that he's married. Robert Montgomery tries to convince a nurse into having intercourse with him before marriage and thinks he's a nice guy for being honest and asking for it opposed to tricking her into it. It's really a good movie! Marjorie White says "Well, what the hell are you cr
  7. I really wasn't trying to be arrogant and sarcastic. I asked if you were young because most young people think old movies were so goody goody like I use to think. If you know so much about old movies then I would think you would know what pre-code meant. Be careful what you ask for, you're the one that asked like you didn't know and you got an answer whether it was helpful or not, I explained pre-code films aren't filthy like today's modern films though there was a lot of sex, violence, and sin, there was substance, there was a story to it. My post wasn't long like others so if you were tryin
  8. Wow, filthgrinder, I wonder if your young. I'm in my 20's and at first I thought the early Hollywood movies were squeaky clean but they weren't. They didn't have to curse every minute and be overly filth to be risque and raw. I love the pre-code movies because there was consciousness and glamour but everything didin't have a happy ending or work out. In the 1960's tv shows like Leave It To Beaver you saw the squeaky clean and "Oh Golly!" but once you start watching classic movies you'll learn, the movies back then weren't as innocent as you think. You'll find out there was a lot of sexual innu
  9. Maybe this is a little off topic but I think it's something that could be talked about in this forum. I know the topic concerned many here. I've been noticing classic movies popping up on ebay that have been shown on TCM that have never been released, yet, many sellers are making a lot of money selling the classic movies on DVD and they make their own artwork. It's a lucrative buiness selling old, hard to find movies. There are websites, there is a new one, offering "rare" classic movies that are high priced. What could be done? No one reports the classic movie sellers because they wan
  10. I like your reply daneldorando. It's funny that lifting up the skirts and showing legs was considered shocking and racy, to me, that's innocent and non-offending compared to what women show today but then again the 1930's was an supposed innocent time so I can see why it may have been shocking to some. Barbara stanwyck did a movie called Illicit about a couple not married but living together and it was a good movie; a little racy but telling a story of what's really right or wrong. I very much liked how women would be sexy with clothes on. They left something to the imagination but the
  11. Marian Marsh has just passed away. Marian didn't receive worldwide attention for her death only us classic movies know about it. Marian is one of my favorite actresses. Her heyday was in the pre-code era, it's funny how she fit into that era with her babyface beauty and girl next door image but at the same time she wasn't too much of a goody goody. Marian could be naughty and nice and even a little sexy. Marian usually played good girl unknowing about the world but by the end of the movie she would mature and become a desireable woman of world. I first saw Marian in Five star Final, a wonderf
  12. Daneldorado, I see you listed Night Nurse, The Office Wife as enjoyable pre-code movies...their my favorites too. I recommend you see Five Star Final, Lonely Wives, Bachelor Apartment, Symphony of Six Million, The Torch Singer, Girl Missing, Big City Blues, Three on a Match, Scarlet Pages, The Reckless Hour, Ladies They Talk About, The Purchase Price, Blessed Event, Beauty and the Boss, Other Men's Women, Beauty for Sale, Jewel Robbery and there's more but these are good ones to check out.
  13. What is everyone's reasons for liking pre-code films? If you prefer them over movies after the pre-code era...why? I like pre-code films better then any other genre of classic films because of the realness and down to earthness...the pre-code era tackled stories about real life situations. It showcased the changining of morals and values in the world and that everything wasn't innocent anymore. Pre-code movies on love, sex, violence, trickery, backstabbing, pre-marital sex, race relations, illegitimacy, money, couples living together before marriage, golddigging were perfect examples of t
  14. I prefer Warren William over William Powell anyday. Warren and William have similarities in presence, appearance, and acting approach but I like Warren better. I actually can picture Warren doing The Thin Man series with Myrna Loy over William Powell. Don't hate me but I can't stand William Powell much because at times it seems he think he's acting or thinking he can get over with his suave personality. Warren really be acting. Warren could play charming romantic parts and low-down dirty scoundrels perfectly with charm. I hope TCM show the pre-code rare classic The Mind Reader again wit
  15. I agree with you yanceycravat. I get mad at times when I hear of researchers, film collectors, and museums having classic movie memorabilia and films but the public can't have accesss to it over rights issues which iss dumb to me because I feel like how is keeping the older films (which are already in bad condition locked up and collecting dust) helping the classic movie stars legacy? I would think one who would get into the classic movie game would be involved with it because their fans of classic films and want to help in keeping the films and the stars work and name alive not just in it for
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