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  1. Good list of films. I want to get a list for Japanese films to. Specially interested in a film made about the capture of 120 wack nurse the japanese capture . Only reson is family relation probe. I know the move was band for some time and I have no Idea what the film was name but I want tfound out.
  2. Hay, all you folks, just got through watching a movie call "Executive Decision" had a lot of good name people in it and was a great movie. But In the list of actors playing in it, I did not see one in it in the credits "Steven Segal" Can anyone tell me why???
  3. is there a place I can get a good list of koream war movies
  4. Hay folks, I have a movie in ww 2 that I have beem searching for, maybe you canhelp me found it. The movie about five presions of war, in aplace that was near the swish boarder, it was a castle being held by the germans. --- and these five man had figured out that they could project a bath tub with wines far eneft to get over to the next mountain peak, which was in swedian with two men in side it. I wish I lnew what the name of the movie was but I do not. Does this ring any bell about this movie?I sure would thank you for info
  5. Hay folks, there is a movie Called "I aim at the stars" or "the Werrher Von story" I have been thrying to get my hand on for several years and I can not found it Hoe would be a good way to search for it so I can buy it. TNc has it listed but not for sale and there caption said it was on their Web site to watch for free. But I can not seem to get it. Can you folks help me seach for it. The Biggest reason is I grow up around him in Huntsville, Al. and it is a very good documentary. Please help me found it. God Bless DC
  6. There are several threads that I wish to close that have been solved, but I do not know how to close them as solved How do you do it?
  7. Hay folks just what to tell this thread has been solved, founf this movie on u tube
  8. Hay guys/gals, I looked at U-tube and no that was not it. This movie did not have any monster in it. That I was talking about. Although I thought that maybe one day a few of them on u-tube might be worth looking into. This one had to do with getting out of the way of a plantoid object. Although you made me think of a Garmmera movie that seem to evade me also; Where something happen to garmmera and inorder to fix him two kids go inside garmmera and distory the problem inside him, all the while supposely Godzilla is comming and you only see a dark shaddo of him in the distance.
  9. Hello. All you SI FI fans. There was a movie made that I am searching for; I do not remember what the film was called, but I do remember it had many of the Japanese folk that played in the Godzilla movies. The story line goes like this; A large meter/comet/ or planet was headed toward the earth, So it was decided to try to move the earth via some sort of hue rocket engines placed at the South Pole. They where able to direct the earth from desister but they had problems redirecting the earth back to it orginal rotation. Does any one have any idea of what the name of this mo
  10. [~joefilmone] , I wanted thank you for giving me this information, you did well and yes it was Day the world ended. Of all places I found it on U-tube. Many thanks again. Don't know why though that any one does not have the 1955 version, it appears that there is a 1956 version of it but they are in a cave. and it is not the same. Agsin thank you. DC.
  11. [~ValentineXavier] don't you dare appoligize, like I said I managed to make my disability here a plus in my favor thanks to a great english Professor at UNAV. He told me when I write a report and no one reads it, try mis-spelling a word or two and behole everybody reads it, and it is all true hehehehehe. I once knew a 10 year old girl who had web finger like a duck, but Lord she could play the heck out of a paino better then any pro I had ever heard. Later she got that fixed maling her even better. Don't never appoligize, but promote what they do have to use. You'd be supprised what they have
  12. Hehehehe, you notice!!!, I offen do mispell a lot, as I hear from other forums. I am disabled, and have several problems I have to deal with, it is quite a challange at time, I keep a word book next to my computer, but I still have problems. use to be a very kigh level eng.tech. traveling all over the place and aline of people behind me full of question wanting answers. Until my health/ marriage and general life fall apart. I enjoy the humorous comments about my spelling. But believe or not I have use that disablity to my success and advantage. Thanks for the tip on where to look, It se
  13. Hay all you movie watching folks, I have a search question about a movie, maybe you can point the direction, please --- Movie is about Vetnam --- Our fight boys, are ingage in fighting the vetnamees and getting shot at by sams Mssiles. --- One of the plots in the movie here's of a stock yard pile of missle in Sigon, but they are not premented to fly to Sigo an investigate. He does it anyway and even take pictures, but still they refuse to let them go to Sigo and bomb. --- After getting premission and the gov says go. on the return he get shot down, I think one of th
  14. Hay folks, how is everyone, need some help here I have been looking to some SI0FU anamation films and I don;t kave a real list but if you got I sure could welcome one. The films I am talking about is like Heavy metal-have Heavy metal 2000-have Mock - I do not have And i know there is several others but I do nit have nanes to them, There are I guess are also audlt accult animation, some are dealing with space fanicys and one I can remember partly is a man steal a rabbit from a store for his kid and winds up in a jail inside a mauntain. If you fol
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