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  1. Hey everyone, I love the song from the TCM Remembers spotlight, called "press on" I believe. Does anyone know the singer?
  2. I was recently watching the Carol Burnett show, and they spoofed a movie in which the new wife looked exactly like the dead one. It turned out, the husband would drive the new wife mad to get insurance money? Was this a movie? If so, which one. thanks
  3. Hello all you movie fans! I keep thinking about this one movie. There were two sisters in it, and they were both in love with the same man. One sister was good, the other bad. He married the good one, but she drowned, as the "bad" sister watched because she couldn't swim. He then married the evil sister, but later finds out she could swim. Was Bette Davis in it? Please any info would be gratefully appreciated.
  4. The best insult would have to be from Joan Crawford in one of the final moments of "The Women" She says "There's a name for women like you, but it's not used in high society outside of a dog kennel." Ouch! So classy, yet so painful...
  5. What is the highest score you can get on Flim-Flam-I can only make it up to Con Man (Grifter) anyone make it higher than 111, 105 points?? Any hints/tips? Thanks
  6. I want some great Charlie Chan and Mexican Spitfire films-anyone with me on this?
  7. I have a question-What is the highest level you can get to playing Flim Flam-I average about 100,000+ points per game, and the highest I can get to is Con-Man (Grifter). How many points do you need to get to the highest level, and does anyone have any tips on how to get there? Thanks!
  8. I loved Gregory in "The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit" It was the first time I had seen him in a "less-than-perfect" role, but I loved him anyway. Thanks for the memories Mr. Peck, my condolences are with your family, God Bless Gregory Peck!
  9. Hey This is for all you who feel like a good classic movie, but don't know which one. Just post a genre (mystery, drama, comedy) or favourite actor/actress/director, and everyone else can suggest a good movie to watch-or warn about a not so good one. Now, I am in the mood for a good comedy....
  10. Has there ever been an ending you couldn't stand?? Of course there was so spill it, and tell us why. Or, tell how you would have ended it!
  11. there was a message on another bulletin, so i'll put it here where more poepl can see it: It was a movie i believe around 1952, Black and white and I think it was in the east because everyone was wearing white suits, and there was this one guy who had a sword in his cane and stabbed people through door. any info would be appreciated. thanks
  12. There was a B&W mystery film in which a family was looking for a rich relative's fortune (it turned out to be in a certain chair) I remember one scene was that a record with the deceased's voice was playing and it said if he was murdered to destroy the record, but if he died of natural causes to keep on listening. Please, if anyone knows the title, please tell me.
  13. Does anyone know the name of the piece played in the background of this poem? It was beautful in an eerie sort of way. Thnaks a million!
  14. hey, I was reading the various films, and this one sounded cool, but no one knew what it was: a mystery movie and cannot remember the title or who the main characters are. It's BW, perhaps late 30's or early 40's. The setting is an old house or mansion, the mystery is the hidden document. Everyone is running around trying to figure out where the "key" is hidden. There is a simple-minded girl who wanders in and out of scenes singing a riddle which goes (spelling is phonetic): "honors flysis, incomb besis, onches nobis, inob kesis." This riddle reveals where the key to the chest containing the
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