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  1. Harpo and Groucho, Night at the Opera: HONK! And two hard boiled eggs.
  2. As a lover of avant garde experimental literature, I loved the Cloud Atlas novel by David Mitchell. Considering its unusual plot, I was completely floored when I heard it was being turned into a movie. I was even more floored when I saw the film. It deftly used jump cuts to heighten the pace of the story. This was due to the fact that Mitchell co-scripted. The excellent cast performed admirably in the difficult problem of playing so many different roles. I've seen Atlas a dozen times and thoroughly enjoyed it every time.
  3. Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back: No no, this one goes here and THAT one goes there!
  4. SWfan


    Hey, I got this one! Unfortunately I don't have another puzzle ready and I doubt I could assemble the pictures anyway. So I'll pass. The answer is not Mr. 880 and Sons.
  5. I believe I've discovered an anagrammatic code about WW II in the Star Wars prequel movies. Lucas referred to specific people, countries and even battles. The 4 page article concerns Lucas's 3 allegories (WW II plus Hero Cycle and classic movie allusions). The list of WW II references includes 235 items. Examples: *Nute Gunray speaks with a Asian accent *Amidala wears gowns patterned after Imperial Chinese court dress and Edwardian England *Jar Jar resembles Charles DeGaulle (big nose, big ears), both of whom continually disrupted the plans of their "allies" *Jango rhymes with Franco (Hitl
  6. Lucky Jack Aubrey; Crowe's performance was very faithful to the novel
  7. Lord of the Flies Silence of the Lambs
  8. Soylent's always been one of my favorites, I couldn't resist watching it again. I don't think Robinson was that impressive during his death scene, all he did was gape at the pictures. He was empathically outstanding in his other scenes. I believe this was his Last Movie, a nice send-off for a wonderful actor. I wasn't a fan of Harry Harrison and I've never read the novel. Is the film much different from the book? I drew a comic picture of a box of Soylent Breakfast Flakes, the logo was a trawler at sea. The box advertised a Pacific Ocean Adventure contest, the prize was a two-month voyage. I'v
  9. I had real problems with Into Darkness. I liked Star Trek 11 because the re-introduction of the original crew was amusingly prototypical of the original series and because of the twisted, time-jumping plot. Even though ST 11 played fast and loose with Trek history, the movie managed to remain believable. However Darkness consciously trashed these boundaries without remorse, asking me to believe that Cumberbatch was Khan and that he met Kirk before the ?Space Seed? episode. This was done simply because it's so much easier to create the story. The term "re-booting" was invented for the Dark Knig
  10. Time to give up. The answer was "Hudsucker Proxy." Open thread
  11. I know this isn't right but what the hell, it's still one of my favorites Rocky Horror Picture Show, Let's Do the Time Warp Again, Richard O'Brien
  12. I see now the wisdom of adhering to the quick and easy formay of Password. Last two clues: hoop frisbee
  13. I hadn't heard about this film(?). Since the first horror movie I ever saw (age 6) in a theater was Attack of the Giant Crab Monsters on a double bill with Not of This Earth, I was curious. I tried to view the video on YouTube but it was no longer available. IMDB didn't have a plot summary for it either. Is it an actual film? If so, I need to enter it in my personal SFF movie title db.
  14. Incorrect. New clues: reporter false teeth
  15. new clures: scam mail clerk
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