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    Thelma Todd Day

    Hear hear. I hope they don't see this as an "annual" event. Monthly would be more like it. I'm still waiting for three Todd-Pitts shorts I haven't seen (out of 18 that I know of), But everything they showed this time has been on before.
  2. And a Pete Smith at the end of The Long Long Trailer this morning. The bummer is that they're listing *some* shorts, so we think we're OK when we're not.
  3. And again today (Friday). A "Vitaphone Kiddies" musical (with a bit by the Gumm Sisters) after "Mister Cinderella" and another Judy Garland bit after "Thoroughbreds Don['t Cry." Judy Garland fans deserve to have these announced in advance.
  4. I see no shorts on the schedule for the rest of the week. With one :"surprise" a few days ago, is it possible they've stopped listing them? :-(
  5. "that I found on one of the online tv schedules." It would be great to know which online schedule that was.
  6. LIkewise, I just caught the last thirty seconds of Something Simple, and it wasn't on the schedule. Also, running after The Elephant Man, it violates their stated policy of running these shorts only in connection with movies from the same decade. If MGMWBRKO is willing, perhaps we should keep the olsd system going in parallel untill we're absoolutely sure the "official" schedule is reliable. And informative. Anybody know what "The Perfect Set-Up" iis? Am title like that could be a comedy, a a making-of.or even a bowling documentary.
  7. >>And an extra special thanks to Laughing Gravy too! Looks like we could stilll use a hand from him, since the schedule is only giving titles. Some of them have a place to click through for more information, which produces no more information.
  8. > CC appeared on the verge of going blackface with > white paint on his lips, and actually said "Mammy" at > one point in a nod to Jolson. I kept waiting for the > guy with the coal ashes to dump a bucket on CC's > head, which would have completed the effect. > > Fortunately, this did not happen, as it would have > made the film racially offensive. No moreso than Eddie Cantor in blackface, which TCM shows from time to time. He was also singing in what might be described as a put-on black dialect. We have to accept these things in the context of their time.
  9. He *does* look sort of like Hugh Herbert now that you mention it, but if so it's still not nearly as accurate a caricature as the other two. What bothers me is that they seemed to be making up a trio by pulling out people from trios. The little guy also ought to be one of three brothers. I'd even settle for two, or at least a member of some comedy team.
  10. For those who might have seen this cartoon the other day, loosely based on the old song. As the fight progresses we get a trio of reporters. The guy with the microphone looks and sounds like Groucho (except for the pointy mustache). The one with the camera looks to me like Harry Ritz. But who's the little fat guy with the typewriter? I figure he has to be a caricature of someone famous at the time. Extending the trio concept you'd think he'd be one of the Stooges, but the only one that remotely fits is Curly Joe, and this was way before his time. The only other idea I had was Joe Penner
  11. > Since TCM has stared airing the Hal Roach shorts back > in June, only a small handful of shorts have been > repeated So the next question is, did they actually show all of the Todd/Pitts and Boy Friends the first time around, or are some of them still waiting?
  12. Tried posting this a couple of days ago and it doesn't seem to have shown up on the list. Apologies if you're getting a duplicate. I'm wondering if the Hal Roach shorts shown recently will be repeated. Seems everything else gets repeated--I've seen most of the Passing Parades two or three times. I first noticed the new shorts appearing a month or so ago, and they were running Todd/Pitts and The Boy Friends almost every day for about a week. Accordiong to IMDB I've seen about half of each series, so I'm guessing the rest were shown before I noticed they were on. So, will they be repeated i
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