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  1. "tooo funny u are a comedian arent u? yes u r...lol...anyhoot i wouldnt use them as an example..lol..but YES YES YES..thats exactly what i mean when im talking about Norma..u got it just right..and honestly im sure Pfreidman did to and is just causeing trouble or he or she never went to school....one or the other...lol.." Man, I'm learning so much from you. Still, I have so much to learn. Do you think when I go back and finish grammar school, I can learn to write as eloquently as you do? I do so hope I will be able to. Your grammatical excellence leaves me breathless. "Our one pie
  2. I'd love to get a good recipe for Pancakes Barbara.
  3. I actually got nothing from your thread, but it made me curious as to why you feel as you do about the great Norma Shearer, especially for the reasons you state that I've never heard before about the actress.. Regardless, you still haven't explained about the compassion part in the subject. Why should anyone show Norma Shearer more compassion than any other actress or person fro that matter. Is it that you meant she was compassionate, or is it that you like the compassion that was shown by the characters she played. What is it that you mean? She had a great career,and married Irving Thalbe
  4. In reference to your subject line: Compassion for what? I like Norma Shearer very much as an actress, but I don't get your comment about your eyes. Norma Shearer was cross-eyed and cameramen had to carefully arrange shots of her face from certain angles. Actually legend has it that Tallulah Bankhead once insulted Norma,about the unattractiveness of her eyes, to her face. As for "The Women", Rosalind Russell steals the film for me. Norma's role as Mary is a bit thankless to begin with. I think Norma Shearer gave much better performances in "The Barretts of Wimpole Street", "Marie Antoine
  5. Gloria Swanson should have won the award. My second choice would have been Bette Davis.
  6. LOL! For the true bi-cinephiles, the Three Stooges make their feature film debut in another Joan Crawford film, "Dancing Lady" from 1933 with Mr. Gable. It has a little something for both the gays and the hets.
  7. I certainly like two Paramount films called "The Love Parade" with Jeanette McDonald and Maurice Chevalier, Directed by Ernst Lubitsch. Another one of great merit is "Applause" starring Helen Morgan and directed by Rouben Mamoulien. Other 1929 films I like include: 1) The Kiss (MGM Greta Garbo Silent) 2) Our Modern Maidens (MGM Joan Crawford/Douglas Fairbanks Jr Silent) 3) The Virginian (Paramount Gary Cooper/Walter Brennan film) 4) Hallelujah! (fascinating MGM King Vidor film) 5) The Last of Mrs. Cheyney & The Trial of Mary Dugan (MGM Norma Shearer films are extremely static in
  8. "So, he's not an idiot." I love "The Sound of Music", but I can't find it anywhere in this thread where a poster is calling Christopher Plummer an idiot. He was far from it. "The Sound of Music" is one of my greatest childhood movie memories. It's certainly a film worth talking about, seeing over and over again, and one of the classics that I will always love.
  9. As as film, my favorite of the bunch is "Gigi". Still, I think the writing of "My Fair Lady" will always be thought of as Lerner and Loewe's most glorious achievement.
  10. "She Loves Me" with Julie Andrews would have been incredible.
  11. Thanks for the info about ioffer. I just bought a copy of "The Trial of Mary Dugan". I always thought that the film didn't exist anymore, but the prospect of seeing Norma Shearer in her first talkie has made my week. Thank you so much. Another MGM film I've always wanted to see, but can't find it anywhere is "Escapade" (1935) with WIlliam Powell and Luise Rainer (debut film).
  12. I've heard that "Daisy Kenyon" is being released by Fox shortly as a Noir Classic. I would also love to see "Female On the Beach" released as well. By the way, I heard that Cynthia, one of Joan Crawford's youngest twin daughtters, passed away the other day due to kidney failure. She only had the best things to say about her mother. Of her children, only Christina and Cindy now survive.
  13. I also love both "Possessed" from 1931 with Joan Crawford and Clark Gable, and "Possessed" from 1947, which is a completely different film with Joan Crawford, Van Heflin, and Raymond Massey. Those would have been great. "Letty Lynton" 1932 is currently floating out there as a bootleg. Unfortunately, legal issues prevents it from being restored and released.
  14. Great News! The second Joan Crawford Collection has been announced and will be released on February 12th. The Box Set will include: Sadie McKee (1934) Strange Cargo (1940) A Woman's Face (1941) Flamingo Road (1949) Torch Song (1953) I'm pleased with the selection of films. Does anybody disagree with the selection? If so, what film or films would you have included in place of what was selected.
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