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  1. You are right, no nominations, but if you'll look at the bottom of IMD under her biography, it actually states the following: "Has been the co-recipient of 3 Grammy Awards for the Broadway stage shows, "Mame" (1966) and "Sweeney Todd" (1979) in which she played the female lead." I posted my guess before looking anything up, but from looking at IMD, I thought the fact that she was honored worldwide, might include the fact that she won four Tonys, was nominated for Oscars, and received some foreign acclaim for her work. BTW - I absolutely loved her interview on TCM with Robert Osbourn
  2. Hi Dan, Dan is the true rocker! Keenan Wynn has always cracked me up. I just watched "The Clock" the other night, and his drunk scene was hilarious. No more from PFriedman for a while. Your turn, big Dan! Best, PFriedman
  3. Not who I was thinking of. I guess the question isn't the best since there's more than one person fitting the descritpion. You are certainly the master of the question asking. Hopefully, I'll get better at this. Just the same, here's another clue. One of the people that I mentioned I worked with, I worked with on Television, the other two in the movies. Another clue: I had a famous father (in his day).
  4. Nope, not Joan Fontaine. Co-presenting in an Award Show will not figure into the picture. I was a supporting player mostly working at one studio. I also was part of a long running televison series later in my life.
  5. I had a long career working in theater, film, and television. I worked with Fred Astaire, Barbara Stanwyck, and Alfred Hitchcock. Who am I?
  6. You're too good! I'm looking forward to your next one.
  7. I played the wife of a preacher. I played the wife of a US President. I played an aunt and I played a mother. I won an Emmy, but never won an Oscar, although I received nominations. Who am I?
  8. AAAAHHHHHHH! How about Austin Pendleton? He played Santa in "Christmas with the Kranks". "Hamlet" - in the 15 Minute Hamlet. I know him more for his stage work and "What's Up Doc?". It must have been an honor to be the original "Model the Tailor" in Fiddler on the Roof with Zero Mostel.
  9. If it weren't for the foreign born part of the clue, I would have guessed it was Robert Conrad. He changed his name, was a spokesman for Everready, and went shirtless. He boxed and was an athlete, but I guess it's not him.
  10. Yes it is, Dan. I probably should have given less clues on that one. Your turn!
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