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  1. well, the search continues. Have any of the newer members ever seen this lovely lady in blue? If you have her name, please tell us and put me, at least, out of my misery! thanks!
  2. Was it Franchot Tone's child? ("What a DUMP!")
  3. Poor Fred Astaire had to dance around her, while she stumbled around in *Damsel in Distress* The scene by the river, while she tries to "float" along while he dances is hilarious. Poor Joanie!
  4. A daughter of Joan Fontaine?
  5. Ernest Borgnine and Katy Jurado?
  6. Did anyone else get the feeling that Lucy and Van were not smiling at each other, but rather, glaring? Lucy almost has her teeth bared, and Van isn't even trying to smile.... Wonder what was going on?
  7. Hi everyone! Has anyone ever figured out who our mystery lady is? Since the last time I checked, I've seen her in The Pirate too. She's in the first number with Gene Kelley, when he first arrives in town. She's the slinky native woman in white who curls around him, then he moves on to all the other women he sees.
  8. Hi Joe! I might not always like everything you post, but wouldn't I be redundant if I did? The beefcake ALWAYS wakes me up, and the cheesecake - well, we can't all be movie stars, but the photos are always fun! (I think the only 2 I really did not like were the one of Marlon Brando in his under wear - euw - and the one of poor Frances Farmer being hauled off to jail.) Thanks for the time and effort you've put into this thread. Seeing faces with names for the birthdays is my favorite part of this. Nestor Paiva - who knew?!!! Nancy
  9. Joe, it looks like Alma is having to support that enormous stogie for Hitch!
  10. > {quote:title=MissGoddess wrote:}{quote} > > Ursula Theiss was bland and boring and I felt they were trying to evoke a Euro-Jane Russell > with her look. Isn't *Ursula Theiss* the actress for whom Robert Taylor divorced Barbara Stanwyck? what a dope!
  11. Is that Edgar Bergen playing doctor?
  12. hey, Catwoman, and Joe..... thanks a million! Spence was HOT!!!! (Of course, I'm a redhead, too.....)
  13. Joe, I can just hear Col. Sherman Potter, saying, "That SonJa Henie......whew......" Thanks for the great pictures. I love that you are putting pictures with the birthday celebrants. I always love Grady Sutton, but never remember his name. Same with the wonderful Walter Connolly. Keep them coming, PLEASE!!!!! Message was edited by: knitter45
  14. Hi Joe! (Or should we call you "sockless Joe?" Can't wait to see you in living color....) Speaking of color, could you find a photo or two of Spencer Tracy in color? I never knew he was a redhead, and have never seen any photos of him in color before he turned gray. Thanks! And thanks for all these great pictures. What a lot of fun you provide!!! Nancy
  15. I may be way off base here, but I remember reading somewhere that Joanie had a "crush" on Bette, and when Bette totally rebuffed her, the claws came out. One of them slugged the other one in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" (since I hated the movie the only time I saw it, I can't say who hit who), and the slugger seriously hurt the sluggee....back injury I think???
  16. Chris, according to one book I read (Tracy & Hepburn) by Garson Kanin, Spencer died at Hepburn's home, I believe, and his body was taken away quite quickly. Ms. Hepburn went to the funeral home early in the morning and said her goodbyes in private. She did not attend the funeral out of respect to Mrs. Tracy. Hey Joe, correct me if I'm wrong about this! Nancy
  17. Hi Joe! Did you notice that the girls with Guy Kibbee, are also the ones with Van Johnson? I wonder if they were on some kind of promotional tour, or were contest winners. What a hoot! Nancy
  18. Joe, is Sybil Jason the darling little girl who played the cockney maid in Shirley Temples' *"The Little Princess"?* She just about stole the movie right out from under Shirley, and that's saying a lot! Thanks for the pictures, this is always my morning-starter-upper. Nancy
  19. hey, Joe, isn't that Hayden Rorke of "I Dream of Jeannie" fame next to Ms. Grey? sure looks like him. Thanks for spending the time to do this, the only thread I watch anymore! Nancy
  20. Joe, the costumes the girls are wearing are from the confrontation scene in Crawford's dressing room, in *The Women* Wish it was in color!!!!! love these candids on the sets of favorite movies....more, please!!!! Nancy
  21. Geez, Joe, at first glance, it looks like poor old Bela was playing dress up! Those shoes are, I believe, Mexican Huraches, but they sure look like a ladies' pair of MaryJanes. And was he wearing someone's robe....backwards? What a guy! Nancy love almost all the pictures...the "hat trick" and the "diaper" shots made me spill my coffee on the days you posted them....in other words...eeeeeeuuuuuuuuuu.
  22. null Message was edited by: knitter45
  23. null Message was edited by: knitter45
  24. there are so many lovely character actors in that movie. Agnes Moorehead and Adolph Menjou are both so good in their parts. Both cranky, and both fall in love with the Glad Girl. One of my favorite Disney live-action movies of the time. Thanks for the heads-up on "Forbidden". I will definitely watch! Nancy
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