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  1. we have only two options for 'cable'-one is att/direct tv with a dish, which SUCKS during ANY weather issues; and spectrum, which is not a dish, but offers TCM on their basic lineup and local sports. i added showtime and hbo for the offseason, but will cut that out any day now. no weather interruptions and streaming on chromecast on 3 tvs with only one receiver in house now. cut my bill down by $60 a month. dropped phone too as i have verizon so what the hell. its just too bad the programming on TCM is so dicey. what used to be truly old classics is now morphing to those films considered class
  2. i received the same kind of error 'unsafe' message. once google was updated, however, it went away. now it would be nice if tcm goes back to the same monthly calendar format that is printable for at least the prime time movies. its impossible to print out the style used during the oscar run up.
  3. hey, no prob! its a matter of simple math, which i am still able to do (hahaha)....just a count of the movies from the back of an older NPG shows we had more movies and less junk....and definetly less repeats of movies. it was a casual look that led to a more in depth glance at just what we were used to and what we are getting now. when NPG ended it was even easier to tell by virtue of its size. i kept an eye at a few really good movies, like twentieth century, and didnt see that on the schedule for years.... every time my direct tv equipment needs to be updated i lose hundreds of movies
  4. absotively! a tivo of one film, say 'top hat', has gone from 1:45 to 2:00, with those annoying ads (cant they at least vary these things?)....do this a few times per day, every day per month, and we are losing out viewing time. i dont even want to get into the variety of movies showing these days. its unfortunate for me that i am kinda tied to a chair and not a laptop so i am a captive audience and tcm was my go to. now i am looking at anything else that has no commercials or editing of movies, like hdmovies or sony, as tcm repeats like crazy. its making a tivo redundant and as long as i have
  5. i have all of tcm's printed guides. i sat down and picked at random a guide and found one from 5 years ago. just by looking at the line up, i see we have been chisled out of at least 2 per day with the 'new' timing and programming. a quick scan of movies and its obvious the programming is getting an **** kicking now; we are viewing a lot of junk and repeats and repeats....boo! it seems that once bob took sick, so did tcm......
  6. before i freeze to death, can anyone tell me what the music is that accompanies the january montage? i have had my musical horizons broadened by several of the bitchen tunes that have rocked these mini fests during the past year or so, and i can usually find the song with a line or two on the search. this january tune has my search engine burned out....
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