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  1. thanks for the reply - It's been driving me nuts whenever i brought this film up with a friend of mine. He thought I dreamed this up. I was only around 11 or 12 years old when I saw this and did not see all of it, so I thought it was a sequal. now the next question - is it available on DVD/VHS?
  2. Hi Mongo, I think you have my question mixed up with someone else's reply
  3. I had a question I had posted as a seperate thread, thought I would ask you as well. Back in the early eighties, i saw a movie on tv (not sure if it was a telefilm) that was a hogan's hero movie set after the war had ended. not sure when this film was made. it had pretty much the same cast, can't remember where it was set, although it may have been paris. Don't know the name, but i think it had devil in the title (chase the devil??) anyway, wonder if you know more about this film, or if it is available on dvd. I loved the show and have got the available seasons on dvd and reme
  4. I saw this movie some time back - "It's a wonderful world" with Jimmy stewart and i believe Claudette colbert. It was a hilarious movie. everytime i ask for it at the video store, they keep telling me i'm confusing it with It's a wonderful life. Does anyone know if this film is available on dvd?
  5. Years ago I caught a hogan's heroes movie on tv - i didn't see all of it, but i think it took place after the war, but can't remember the name - i think it head "devil" in the title. Anyone know what the name of thie move is, and if it is available on dvd?
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