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  1. this was another fun movie to watch. its about a guy who faints to get out of a marriage and the gold digger wife to be has him commited to make herself look good. he escapes with adolph menjou and they join a circus. lots of funny situations that are goofy arise, but still a good watch. character actress patsy kelly is just funny. ive enjoyed her in quite a few films. if you like a average fun movie made in 1930's style, and have the chance to see this one, id advise give it a shot. i give this a 3 on my 1-5 scale to see
  2. a cute movie about a couple who fight alot, and each think the other has it better. they each wish they could change places and a golden buddha in bedroom grants their wish. of course after they switch a bunch of funny situations happen. john hubbard, the husband, did a awesome job acting like a woman. donald meek the butler was great, and does a good job as he tries to handle the household. a live baby bear makes a appearance, and when meek tries to capture, its just plain funny. credit must go to the editor of the movie for dubbing the voices of each to the other. if you enjo
  3. most would hate me picking oscars, cuz if a film makes me yawn its outta the race, lol
  4. sure anyone can think a movies a classic, but based on many of you posting, TCM should play those newer movies. of course theres many good movies made every year. but sticking with the TCM theme, should there be a cutoff? i guess i classify TCM as older movies, pre 1970. once they start playing post 1970, TCM just turns into a commercial free TNT, OXY, SPIKE, AMC to me AMC sucks now, not just because of commercials, but because they pay alot of over-played common movies we've all seen 100 times. TCM plays a good mix and shows less common but memorable or worth a watch films.
  5. not a comedy, but fits in the romance catagory. lucy falls for a guy who dumps her for a rich woman. rich woman knows this, even hearing her friends laugh at her. lucy tries hard to remain neutral but falls back in with him. the movie moves well, but it is just kinda scew-ball with eye-rolling yeah rights from me, the viewer. the ending is a good burn on the husband, and lucy and wife getting in final shots at the hubby. this was a ok movie worth watching once. the story is good, but the acting isnt. no one really stands out in this movie for me. on my scale of 1-5, i give
  6. although this is my least favorite maisie film so far, it still was a good watch. ann sothern stays true to maisie style as a woman who has a job, and lew ayres a drunk rich guy gets her fired. as he tries to make up for it, he gets her arrested and in turn is forced to hire maisie as a maid. the film includes kind of lame romance, funny conversations, a goofy drunk, friendship, and even a suicide attempt. sothern does a great job at maisie, with a great speech near the end condemning the family. lew ayres played a goofy drunk which was bad acting to me but when he acted sober, he w
  7. im so glad i taped ann sotherns maisie series. i think this is the 4th one ive watched and true to the other maisies, i totally enjoyed this. a good movie that moves along well includes love, romance, friendship and a pretty good plot twist of a crime. this movie was written well with a great cast that did a good job of acting. i enjoyed almost every actor, the least being red skelton the main co-star ann was great in her character, red skelton was too goofy and i didnt think he was funny. leo gorcey-allen jenkens-donald meek all get A+ from me on my scale of 1-5, i give this a
  8. ive watched a few maisie films starring ann sothern, and i think each so far was a delightful movie. this movie revolves around maisie, a woman who works hard, takes time off for a rest, heads to reno and gets mixed up in another couples love life which is hindered by mistakes and crime. the cast is ok, not the greatest acting, but the movie moves along at a good pace. ann sothern does a great job playing her part, and i well, just enjoyed her. she stays true to her maisie style as a fiesty hotty that although seemingly uneducated is very street smart. on my scale of 1-5, i giv
  9. a goofy little movie that i enjoyed. far-fetched, unbelievable situations that are just ridiculous. still, a enjoyable little movie that made me wanna slap a woman. [not really, saying to make a point] torchy, a young woman who just goes into situations without thinking about her life, safety, or others. her and her cop boyfriend have zero chemistry, and the cop needs alot more training. det. gahagan, second in command so to speak did a good job at playing the dumb sidekick. corny acting, situations like torchy jumping out of a plane to catch a ocean liner, climbing overboa
  10. what do you think defines a classic film? im seeing people upset when TCM plays 1970's or later films. now if they are upset at only 30 year old movies playing now, then when TCM first started in, im guessing and just throwing this year out there, 1985, then in 1985 people would be upset at TCM playing any post 1955 film because thats 30 years back from date. myself, i think TCM shouldnt play any movie past 1970. 1970 is what i think the cut-off point it should be anyone else?
  11. hi, i knew that, just forgot the word father, lol. i wanted to correct after i hit enter, but i cant find how you can edit your post after submitting. any ideas how? i like alan hale sr in the old movies, i think he was a good actor in every part ive ever seen him in. just to name a few i remember, hotel berlin, destination tokyo, gentleman jim, sante fe trail, they drive by night and of course robin hood. he was real good in dodge city thanks for pointing out my error, and i agree, the skipper sure looked like little john
  12. ive seen alot of james cagney movies and i like the actor. not a big guy, not a handsome stud, but he was a strong actor, with charisma, tough, who rarely took crap from anyone in films. he had that look, and a wicked smirk that said dude, dont mess with me. cagney showed the world that 'size' dont matter. in the old days, he didnt even take crap from women. he pushed them around, slapped them, shoved things in their faces. im curious how that went over 60-70 years ago. TCM should play more his obscure movies that arent widely played. hint tcm, hint
  13. im curious if anyone of you has any opinions on oscar winning movies that you cant believe won. or any movie thats critically acclaimed that you think is a stinkeroo YEAR MOVIE TITLE SEEN 1928 (1st) Wings, Sunrise 1929 (2nd) Broadway Melody, The 1930 (3rd) All Quiet on the Western Front 1931 (4th) Grand Hotel Cimarron 1932 (5th) Grand Hotel 1933 (6th) Cavalcade 1934 (7th) It Happened One Night 1935 (8th) Mutiny on the Bounty 1936 (9th) Great Ziegfeld, The 1937 (10th) Life of ?mile Zola, The 1938 (11th)
  14. first off, im not a real big fan of gary cooper. famous for many films, high noon being 1 of his top films, i just dont really care for him. although ive probably only seen about 8-10 of his movies. back to The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938). this film i enjoyed. i also think gary cooper did a fairly good job with his character. i wish there was a little more action, but oh well. basil rathbone, a bad guy, was ok in this movie, the best part being him impatient waiting for his bride to be stalling on wedding vows. sigrid gurie played the princess, and played the part well o
  15. i wonder if the tcm host peeks in on the board
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