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  1. I think your confusing that great line said in 1933 in "King Kong", when the Blonde sitting down asked the guy sitting next to her..."What's this show about?......His reply to her....."I think some sort of Gorilla"...and she responded to him as a guy walking in the aisle in front of her and stepping on her feet...."Don't we have enough of Gorillas in New York already?".........Seventy-Four years later and that line still holds up Today! LOL Bartlett
  2. In most New York movie houses now, there are more rats ( Even Some Two Legged Ones) in the audience then there are people. Also Hollis - I agree with both your statements about Silvers & Astaire 100%. As the matter of fact...Silvers carried his "Bilko" style of acting in "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World". .
  3. Cinemascope...Thank you for all the information on the directors cut of "The Natural'. Instead of turning to the Yellow Pages from now on I'm going to you!! Bartlett
  4. > P.S. Let us not forget, he put "Corinthian Leather" > (roll your "R's" when you say it!) in the vernacular! > I was trying to forget that! Also did you know his Brother was "El Exehantee" (SP?) the guy who approved the coffee in the old Savarin commercials. ( I'm trying to forget that too) Bartlett
  5. > Well that shows how much I know about fighting > because I thought he looked very convincing! But I > really just watch these films for the drama > outside of the ring. I look for both...but I kept expecting Tatoo to yell...."The Plane...The Plane!!!". ...when I was watching "Right Cross". Bartlett
  6. > I loved The Set-Up, too, and I am huge Robert Ryan > fan anyway. Also, I love Sinatra movies and The > Manchurian Candidate is a classic. > > I was also impressed with the boxing movie TCM aired > yesterday---Right Cross. Did anyone see it? > I wish now I had recorded it! > > Miss G I started to watch "Right Cross" but with Ricardo Montalban, I kept thinking of either, 'Khan" ( Star Trek) or him in a white suit on "Fantasy Island". Sorry he couldn't fight himself out of a paper bag! Now DeNiro in "Raging Bull" & Newman in "Somebody Up
  7. Cinemascope - Thanks for the info on "The Natural". I only have it on VHS but was planning to get it on DVD, now I'll look for that copy. You are just a wonderful source of information!! MissGoddess - I didn't like Russell Crowe until I saw "Cinderella Man". Outstanding Movie that in my opinion should have gotten the accolades that were bestowed on "Million Dollar Baby". If you do go for boxing movies ( like me ) check out Robert Ryan in "The Set Up". It is one of the better boxing movies and would have been #26 on my list. Also "The Manchurian Candidate" would have been #27....I
  8. Bartletts Top 25: 1.- The Magnificent Seven 2.- The Godfather Epic 3.- The Blackboard Jungle 4.- The French Connection 5.- Public Enemy 6.- Treasure Of Sierra Madre 7.- White Heat 8.- 12 Angry Men 9.- Marty 10.- Jojimbo 11.- The Natural 12.- Cinderella Man 13.- Diner 14.- King Kong ( 1933 ) 15.- It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World 16.- Eight Men Out 17.- Mean Streets 18.- On the Waterfront 19.- East of Eden 20.- Blazing Saddles 21.- The Fortune Cookie 22.- The Dirty Dozen 23.- The Great Escape 24.- Elmer Gantry 25.- The Good, The Bad &a
  9. I like Robert Redford but the ONE movie that "Sticks Out" as the Very Best is "The Natural". The Titanic Home Run that he hits to win the pennant was an ending to behold. When it hit the lights and set off a chain reaction to the other lights, and the sight of Roy Hobbs rounding the bases as his Manager and Coach looked on sent a chill down my spine. There aren't many movies that I've seen that gave me that type of reaction, but this one did BIG TIME! A Great Movie! Bartlett
  10. > Charles Chaplin: Modern Times > > John Wayne: The Searchers > > Marilyn Monroe: The Seven Year Itch > > Ingrid Bergman: Casablanca > > James Stewart: Rear Window > > Cary Grant: Arsenic & Lace > > Henry Fonda: 12 Angry Men > > Greta Garbo: Camille > > Errol Flynn: Charge of the Light Brigade > > Ginger Rogers: Top Hat > > Audrey Hepburn: The Unforgiven > > James Cagney: Public Enemy > > Sidney Poitier: Lillies of the Field > > James Dean East of Eden >
  11. What a great movie!...after the 100 or so times I have watched it...I still laugh at the greed these people have to find the 350 G's under the "Big W"! It is indeed in my opinion an "Essential"!
  12. > > Holy Cow! I thought I've seen everything ( A > Polish > > Pope.... First Man on the Moon > 7/20/69......Praise > > for Hanoi Jane....The Mighty Mickey Mantle 1956 > > Triple Crown Winner 52 Homers-130 RBI's-.353 > Batting > > Average....October 1, 1961 Roger Maris popping #61 > > against the hated Red Sox pitcher Tracy > > Stallard.... > > > Bartlett > > Barlett, you haven't seen everything.....the Cubs > haven't won the series in 99 years! I'm not Methuselah! LOL Ha Ha Ha! Bartlett!
  13. > Sybil? Brian's Song? Duel? > > I'd love to see them all. But not on TCM... Why not? Would you rather see "Good Times" with Sonny & Cher for the 12th Time on TCM instead?
  14. The only TV Movie that I would consider is: "Brians Song" - With Billy Dee Williams & James Caan & Jack Warden Bartlett
  15. Well it will be finished when I draw my last breath Larry..I just wanted everyone to know what I have saw so far! LOL Oh I forgot Scott and Brando refusing their Oscars..can I still include that?
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