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  1. Here's the gals i find gorgeous but aren't the ones usually mentioned: ida lupino, alexis smith, vera ralston, diana dors, ella raines, lizabeth scott, evelyn ankers, maria montez, ruth roman, ellen drew, margaret lockwood, patricia medina, faith domergue, claire trevor, roz russell, arlene dahl, gail patrick, andrea king, corinne calvet, eve arden, arline judge, evelyn keyes, marilyn maxwell, dorothy lamour, julie bishop, anita ekberg, signe hasso, audrey totter, viveca lindfors, barbara payton, martha o'driscoll, sylvia sidney, constance dowling, helena carter, barbara nichols, mari
  2. I am a big fan of the beautiful Carole Landis. My favorite film of hers so far would be a noir from 1946 called Behind Green Lights. I will soon have to buy the dvd's of A Slight Case Of Larceny and Brass Monkey so i can see more of Carole and her star quality and glamour. She's tops.
  3. My all-time favorites are: 1 hedy lamarr 2 linda darnell 3 lana turner 4 susan hayward 5 bette davis 6 rita hayworth 7 jane russell 8 ida lupino 9 ann sheridan 10 mae west 11 joan crawford 12 merle oberon 13 alexis smith 14 yvonne decarlo 15 jennifer jones 16 vera ralston 17 kay francis 18 diana dors 19 constance bennett 20 joan bennett 21 dolores moran 22 moira lister 23 ella raines 24 joan fontaine 25 lizabeth scott also love virginia mayo, evelyn ankers, maria montez, ruth roman, ellen drew, cyd charisse, margaret lockwood, many others...
  4. Susan can do no wrong in my book. I love to look at her and love the tone of her speaking voice. Stolen Hours is my favorite film of hers. I also love Garden Of Evil and The Conqueror. Other favorite Susan films for me would be: reap the wild wind, i can get it for you wholesale, demetrius and the gladiators, back street, i thank a fool, and where love has gone. I hope one day to be able to see Susan in The Forest Rangers and The Saxon Charm. I will cross my fingers that Susan can be in SUTS and then SOTM one day.
  5. I love Maria Montez and her escapist films. Maria is a joy to look at and her films are fun. Cobra Woman is a hoot. I would love to see Siren Of Atlantis, Sudan, Tangier, and White Savage. While in her heyday at Universal, Maria was constantly giving advice to an up-and-comer, Yvonne DeCarlo. I read this in Yvonne's autobio. And Maria has an airport named after her in her hometown of Barahona, Dominican Republic. Not too shabby. And her fans still love her all these years later. Not a bad legacy to provide folks with an escapist good time.
  6. Roz has been in some really good movies. I keep missing Roughly Speaking but i will catch it sooner or later. I liked her in The Citadel and Mourning Becomes Electra. But my hands-down favorite Roz movie is the noirish The Velvet Touch from 1948. I love this film and heartily enjoy it on repeated viewings. I love Roz's speaking voice, her beautiful black hair, and she is tall and very elegant.
  7. I'm not a big musicals fan, but i love this movie! .... due to the outstanding talent of ethel merman. Marilyn's rendition of heatwave and after you get what you want are also great imo. I liked Mitzi and Johnnie Ray as well. I hope to catch it when TCM runs it in Feb.
  8. Oh i love to drool over the classic movie redheads especially Susan Hayward, Rita Hayworth, Ann Sheridan, and Alexis Smith. My other faves would include greer garson, maria montez, ethel merman, eleanor, maureen, arlene, and rhonda.
  9. I will agree that his 50's efforts are superior to some of the 60's output, but i'm enjoying them all on the great encore westerns channel. Audie's characters come across as so likeable, cool, and laid-back to me. He looks short in stature but big on talent... and very adept with a gun. I also like the unique tone to his speaking voice. Audie's the man!
  10. I love this movie. Reasons why: the story is really good, and zachary scott, eve arden, steven geray, and i adore ann sheridan. Warner Brothers 1940's films are so appealing to me and WB had a great stable of stars to put in these dramas.
  11. Cornel Wilde was excellent using a sword/sabre in At Sword's Point. He really looked like he had been fencing for years. I was impressed. I think Cornel is right up there with Tyrone and Errol as a top swashbuckler hero. They're all great to watch in these action flicks.
  12. miss wonderly, i read your review of Where Danger Lives and i'd like to offer another view if i may. Firstly, it's fine if WDL fell flat for you, glad you gave your honest opinion. For me, i've always loved this film, and usually get excited and record it when TCM trots it out. The story is so dark, moody, and intriguing to me. Then again, i love most left-of-center noirs that most folks don't like: The Two Mrs. Carrolls, Dishonored Lady, Las Vegas Story, ... I like Mitchum in this, really enjoy Claude Rains in anything. But I LOVE to gawk at Faith Domergue in WDL, she is so gorgeous t
  13. I agree with you Arturo that Linda was much more exciting as a saucy bad girl. She was probably dying for a role she could sink her teeth into... and thank goodness Summer Storm came along. However, i thought she was great as Tyrone Power's suffering young wife in Blood And Sand. Linda's exotic looks made her easily believeable as a bad girl though. I have a color 8x10 pic of Linda posing by the haystack for Summer Storm. I just watched Linda in Dakota Incident yesterday from 1956. What a beauty she is in this Republic western and she got top-billing.
  14. My 5 favorite westerns of all time: 5. They Came To Cordura 4. The Proud Rebel 3. Garden Of Evil 2. The Charge At Feather River 1. River Of No Return Honorable Mention: duel at silver creek, surrender, guns of fort petticoat, dakota incident, santa fe passage, destry, plainsman and the lady, escort west, jubilee trail, border river, johnny guitar...
  15. Even though many people consider Audie's films B-movies, it doesn't matter to me. I think Audie is wonderful in westerns period. He comes across as a tough, stand-up guy... honest and sincere. I love B-movies and B-stars anyway. Sometimes the overblown hoopla of the A-masterpieces turns me off. Speaking of B-stars in westerns, i also enjoy Guy Madison, Rory Calhoun, Jeff Chandler, Lloyd Bridges, John Carroll, and John Derek in their 50's/60's efforts. I was lucky enough to visit Audie's gravesite in Arlington Cemetery in the year 2000. It was a thrill to see him honored so prominentl
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