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  1. Macbride asked: "Does anyone know why there's hardly any good ol' fashioned konk on the head silly slapstick in the world anymore?" Thank the do-gooders who want to protect kiddies from violence, but can't tell the difference between a a konk on the head and a shotgun blast to the belly. Who are those people who count "incidences of violence" on TV and dutifully mark it down when Bugs Bunny hits Elmer Fudd with a pie? The Stooges couldn't make their films in today's climate, although the Farrelly Brothers are supposedly going to try.
  2. I'm new to this forum and must confess to having read only about half of the 19 previous pages. But what I never saw was any mention of the Edgar Kennedy shorts. Back in the 60s or 70s, a package containing these, along with many of the Todd/Pitts comedies and others, were released to commercial TV. This was back in the pre-cable days when there were actually "independent" TV stations and prior to the era of infomercials, so lots of older material was shown. Unfortunately, it was also pre-VCRs, so once it aired, it was gone. Nor have I seen any mention of public domain titles. The concluding pie fight from Keystone Hotel often shows up as stock footage, So I assume it's available. But the early portion of the short, with Ben Turpin as a snooping hotel detective, is nowhere to be found. Any possibility of the whole thing turning up? Now that I've found this thread, I'll check in frequently. Meanwhile, I need to find my old copies of Leonard Maltin books....
  3. The most depressing movie ever made has got to be Carnal Knowledge with Jack Nicholson. I actually remember little about it, except that I felt suicidal when leaving the theater.
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