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  1. RE: 9:00 PM (ET) Perfect Candidate, A (1996) Mudslinging highlights Oliver North's campaign for the Senate. Dir: R.J. Cutler Cast: Oliver North , Charles Robb , C-105 mins, Oh my gosh - does this guy (Mark Goodin) really know he is being filmed? I'm not sure I can make it through this.
  2. Mr. 6 - thanks for the heads up on tonight's schedule. I couldn't quite figure out what the theme was. Your link to the article did not work for me, so here is - ******************************************************************************************************** "To Tell the Truth - Mondays & Wednesdays in November Documentaries have been an important part of moviemaking since the silent-film era and continue today as one of the most powerful means of spreading information and expressing viewpoints. We are proud to present a TCM Spotlight that looks at the influential history o
  3. with son David I've noticed the ring before, not the finger it was on, but the size of it when he was in the fist fight with Chris (Ben Johnson) - ouch! I have a feeling that it was Ladd's personal ring. It looked silver to me. Marian couldn't break up the fight - Shane was trying to save her husband's life by preventing him from going to meet Ryker and being killed for certain.
  4. That looks like Frank McGrath in the very middle (with the beard). I knew that he was a stuntman on The Searchers, but never was able to spot him. Looks like the whole gang is there.
  5. This is very disruptive - every evening. I wonder how many others find this happening when they decide to post, and then change their mind.
  6. Spoiler below (!) Jack Elam in Firecreek. By none other than Jimmy Stewart.
  7. This guy - Preacher Quint from Will Penny, played by Donald Pleasance. Next, it would be his son, Rafe Quint, played by who else, Bruce Dern.
  8. The Sy Fy channel is having a New Years marathon - now through Sunday, Jan. 3. They have a complete schedule on their website, if you want to find your favorite.
  9. It was apparently consolidated/intermingled into this thread - it's down there. Now someone find the wine thread - I miss the chuckles.
  10. Would love to know the answers to these questions. Tonight, it seems like they are coming in waves which get shut down fairly quickly. Surely someone will be on the alert all night.
  11. I saw a coupon for these in the newspaper yesterday. Hey, I'm on a budget.
  12. 1:15 AM Round-Up, The (1920) An overweight sheriff helps a young man falsely accused of theft. Dir: George H. Melford Cast: Roscoe Arbuckle, Irving Cummings , Edward Sutherland , Lucien Littlefield . BW-70 mins, ____________________________________________________________________________________ This seems like such an odd description for this movie!
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