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  1. Hope this enlarges - it is wonderful. All credit to hawaiiansurf1
  2. I agree with you about James Dean in East of Eden. Although I wrote this a few years ago, I still feel the same way about this movie............ I will watch this everytime, not just for the great actors, but for the gorgeous depictions of classic central and northern California scenery. Anyone who has read John Steinbeck knows how his descriptions of that area are vivid and so real that you can see it, especially if you have ever been to Monterey, Salinas, King City or Big Sur. The ocean, wildflowers, fields, mountains, and colors all come alive in this movie. You can almost feel and s
  3. Robert Vaughn and Joan Collins were hilarious as the hoity-toity in laws on the TV show The Nanny.
  4. RE: 9:00 PM (ET) Perfect Candidate, A (1996) Mudslinging highlights Oliver North's campaign for the Senate. Dir: R.J. Cutler Cast: Oliver North , Charles Robb , C-105 mins, Oh my gosh - does this guy (Mark Goodin) really know he is being filmed? I'm not sure I can make it through this.
  5. Mr. 6 - thanks for the heads up on tonight's schedule. I couldn't quite figure out what the theme was. Your link to the article did not work for me, so here is - ******************************************************************************************************** "To Tell the Truth - Mondays & Wednesdays in November Documentaries have been an important part of moviemaking since the silent-film era and continue today as one of the most powerful means of spreading information and expressing viewpoints. We are proud to present a TCM Spotlight that looks at the influential history o
  6. with son David I've noticed the ring before, not the finger it was on, but the size of it when he was in the fist fight with Chris (Ben Johnson) - ouch! I have a feeling that it was Ladd's personal ring. It looked silver to me. Marian couldn't break up the fight - Shane was trying to save her husband's life by preventing him from going to meet Ryker and being killed for certain.
  7. That looks like Frank McGrath in the very middle (with the beard). I knew that he was a stuntman on The Searchers, but never was able to spot him. Looks like the whole gang is there.
  8. I wonder who complained aka brought it to the moderator's attention.
  9. This is very disruptive - every evening. I wonder how many others find this happening when they decide to post, and then change their mind.
  10. My first time seeing this - I enjoyed the young cast, especially Dana Andrews, who got to use his "Southern accent". Even Walter Huston and Walter Brennan looked young in this. Reminded me of The Southerner, also directed by Jean Renoir. The Southerner is a favorite of mine - Zachary Scott is hard to recognize as the lead in such a different role than the stuff that (I assume) he got stuck with playing later. This photo is from the set of Swamp Water. Anne Baxter did a good job at looking unkempt - lots of actresses might not have cooperated as well with that aspect
  11. darkblue said - "Don Ameche gets bigger billing than Tyrone Power!" But look who got their picture on the poster!
  12. Article I happened to read today - http://www.houstonchronicle.com/entertainment/tv/article/Today-s-filmmakers-drawn-to-TCM-screen-8316132.php Here it is, without photos, if you don't want to click the link - Today's filmmakers drawn to TCM screen Jake Coyle, Associated Press June 21, 2016 NEW YORK - Turner Classic Movies, that bastion of black-and-white, holds a unique place on the dial and in the hearts of cinephiles. In a continuous, commercial-free stream, much of the history of Hollywood is on view, 24/7, for sampling and binging - an uncorrupted corner of celluloid ob
  13. One more til next year - Errol always looked so happy on his boat.
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