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  1. Good job, Dan. It didn't take you long. Brother Rat (cadet), The Wagons Roll at Midnight (lion tamer), Carrie (traveling salesman), Roman Holiday (photographer) plus numerous war movies (Attack, The Longest Day) and light comedies. Eddie Albert was definitely versatile and durable, living to be almost 100. Next time I'll make it a little harder. Your turn, Dan.
  2. Okay. Here goes: I have played everything from a lion tamer to a cadet to a traveling salesman to a photographer to a piano player. I've done comedy as well as drama and have appeared in a musical or two. And I've done plenty of television. In the early part of my career Jack Warner tried to ruin me because of a dalliance with his wife. It didn't work though. World War II broke out and I enlisted. When I came back I worked for Paramount. Who am I?
  3. This is a good list, bit I'd like to add a few names: 1. Dean Stockwell--"Kim," "The Boy with Green Hair," "Gentlemen's Agreement," etc. When I think of child actors, I automatically think of him. 2. Brandon deWilde-- "Shane," "Member of the Wedding" "Night Passage" traded off his looks, but held his own with the likes of Jean Arthur, Julie Harris, James Stewart. 3. Patty McCormack--"The Bad Seed." This is the only film of hers that I have ever seen and it's enough. She left an impression. 4. Natalie Wood--"Miracle on 34th Street," "The St
  4. Ann Sheridan appears briefly in "Treasure of the Sierra Madre," but if you blink you'll miss it.
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