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  1. What's wrong with raunchy home movies?
  2. Frankly, all of the jelly bean counters focusing on melanin content and the lack of bevulvaed directors need to be told to go to hell.
  3. The Invisible Man (2020) trailer. Blithe Spirit meets Sleeping With the Enemy, or at least that's the interesting with a possibility of going spectacularly wrong vibe I got from the trailer. More seriously, the premise is that a controlling husband figures out a way to make himself invisible, get himself declared dead, and use this to torment his widow because of a clause in the will. The movie is set to come out at the end of February but I don't know if I'll drop the $9 on a matinee to see it.
  4. Wait until March when Joe E. Brown is Star of the Month!
  5. Travels With My Aunt (1972). Maggie Smith plays a DOB who shows up to her sister's funeral and proceeds to turn her nephew's (Alec McCowen) life upside down by dragging him all across Europe in a shaggy dog story about securing funds to pay off a ransom when the real motivation is to destroy everything the nephew knew in his life by telling him the truth about his childhood. As you can tell I didn't like the obnoxious lead character one bit, and found the movie full of plot holes. Louis Gossett is neither an officer nor a gentlemen as Aunty's equally self-serving manservant, while Shirley Feeney (er, Cindy Williams) plays a hippie whose actions toward the nephew would be considered sexual harassment today if the gender roles were reversed. 3/10
  6. 415 is Storm Center (I think; I get that and Storm Warning mixed up), where she plays a librarian who causes controversy by stocking a book that is sympathetic toward communism. The fire is from when a young boy who idolized her learned the "truth" about her and suddenly did a 180 and tried to burn down the library! It's unintentionally funny how the movie veers into that climax.
  7. I figured you were obsessing about something else, Tom.
  8. Some people would like to watch Female Trouble again and again.
  9. Did he come back the next season and say the past year was all just a bad dream?
  10. Too bad he didn't have the power to do something about his hair.
  11. This bit reminds me of the movie The Explosive Generation from the early 1960s, with William Shatner as the teacher trying to inform his students on controversial subjects.
  12. It aired in August and October last year.
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