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  1. I liked it for Fields' reprising his cigar box act at the end.
  2. She sits upon the sheets; it's the sheets she sits upon.
  3. Johnny Jones: How do you say it, like a stutter? Scott ffolliott: No, just a straight 'fuh".
  4. Did anybody mention Stars in My Crown yet? There's a typhoid epidemic that leaves the civil authority (the doctor, since I don't think we ever see the town's mayor) running around like a chicken with his head cut off much like today's "leaders", who responds by trying to lock down the town preacher. There's also a guy who is willing to engage in violence to keep his essential frontline heroes working at his mica mine.
  5. I assume you don't consider Breakin' to be balletic....
  6. Was your friend's father an executive for Coca-Cola in West Berlin? Fortunately your friend being a gay man, he couldn't get pregnant, necessitating an urgent shotgun wedding.
  7. To be fair, Slaytonf, I believe Dargo's photo is a screencap of Putnam in Perversion for Profit:
  8. Wife of Eliot Neff of "The Untouchables".
  9. Marines, Let's Go (1961). If you thought The Wings of Eagles was a misfire, Marines, Let's Go is unimaginably worse. Tom Tryon, David Hedison, and Tom Reese play stock-character Marines in Korea who get leave in Japan, where they proceed to act like such complete jerks that they nearly get themselves court-martialed, saved only by all leave being cancelled so they can partake in a tacked-on 20-minute combat sequence. I didn't mention the stock naïve Texan, or the bad cultural stereotypes about Japanese and Koreans that make Ricardo Montalban in Sayonara like like a true Asian-American. These marines didn't just deserve to be court-martialed, they deserved to have their necks broken by the sumo wrestler character. 2/10, with the second point being for the color shots of nighttime Japan. It's on FXM tomorrow and again Tuesday if you want to see for yourself how bad it is.
  10. The Wings of Eagles (1957). John Wayne plays John Wayne. Well, technically, he's playing Frank "Spig" Wead, who in the interwar period tried to get the Navy to adopt the aircraft carrier, before an accident left him partially paralyzed and forced him to change jobs, becoming a Hollywood screenwriter (the movie was produced by MGM, and includes footage of Wallace Beery and Clark Gable in Hell Divers, conveniently also an MGM movie). Then World War II comes and Spig has a chance to redeem himself. The movie has John Wayne being John Wayne, which is a problem, but worse, it sees him directed again by John Ford. Spig Wead seems like a really interesting character, but not one whose story should have been brought to the screen by John Wayne and John Ford, who think the most important things to do are show drunken antics and have barroom brawls with the Army. 5/10.
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