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  1. I'm not certain they're all musicals. Spring Is Here definitely is (and isn't very good), but I don't recall any musical numbers in Hot Heiress (interesting for Walter Pidgeon oddly cast) or She Had to Say Yes.
  2. We are protected by the enormity of your stupidity, for a time. Well, at least, it's a line about stupidity.
  3. I think they were both in Three on a Match, but that was near the beginning of Bogart's career. He only had a bit part and I can't recall if they had any scenes together.
  4. So you wanted to replace one horror story with another?
  5. That one at least has Linda Blair, and Beverly Garland was able to find her Quaaludes. As for Linda Blair and movie music, there's this hilarious bit:
  6. No; Xanadu is more like the Rita Hayworth film Down to Earth where she plays a Greek muse who helps a guy get his Broadway show staged. Olivia Newton-John plays a muse who helps Michael Beck (who couldn't act, but had what Hollywood considered sex appeal back in 1980) open a roller disco. Xanadu was a famous box-office bomb, but it's a really fun disaster, and something off of the soundtrack deserved an Oscar nomination for Best Original song.
  7. Yeah; Wendell Corey and his wife had four children, but he doesn't exude realistic romantic lead in any movie where this might be expected of him.
  8. Three Coins in the Fountain (1954). Somebody at Fox saw Paramount's Roman Holiday and decided that what Fox needed was to show a romance in Rome with both Technicolor and Cinemascope. So they went to Rome and paid some of their stars to take a working vacation there, filming the Eternal City and then using it as a backdrop for 100 minutes of plot holes engulfing three romantic story lines. Author Clifton Webb and his secretary Dorothy McGuire, who's secretly been in love with him for 15 years, have been working together in Rome all those years, completely glossing over the fact that
  9. Not the David Hartman version? (Apparently it's on Youtube.)
  10. I thought that was Robert Mitchum. (At the end of filming Rachel and the Stranger, the story goes, Mitchum put a $20 in Young's swear jar, saying it was for all the things he wanted to say.)
  11. He was a great mushroom, however.
  12. There's an old joke out there that Jessica Fletcher was a serial killer who used her skill as a mystery writer to get other people to confess.
  13. As Angela Lansbury proved every Sunday on Murder, She Wrote, yes.
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