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  1. Oh dear god no. Why do you think he would have wanted to talk with us freaks?
  2. Who is nothing like Sophia Loren. Perhaps I should have mentioned Nude Nuns With Big Guns instead.
  3. Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison is better.
  4. Nobody's suggested Eric Idle as a nun yet.
  5. The one big problem with Call Northside 777 is that there's no way you could enlarge the photo that much and still have it be clear as day. I really like the cycle of Fox docudramas from the late 1940s. The House on 92nd Street is fun, but Boomerang! is probably the best.
  6. The Chapman Report (1962). Hollywood tried to make a serious movie about sex while the Production Code was still in effect. It's an impossible task, an needless to say, they failed badly. Four women (Jane Fonda, Shelley Winters, Glynis Johns, and Claire Bloom) all respond to a couple of sexologists doing a scientific study of women's sexuality. This is the hook to explore the various characters' sex lives. Glynis Johns comes off best, since she gets the comic relief portion of the movie, as a wife who thinks spicing up her sex life with football player Ty Hardin will make things m
  7. The Earth Dies Screaming (1964). British B movie in which a bunch of people who were all in places with isolated air supplies find that something has destroyed the rest of humanity. A couple of people in spaceman suits come and turn the dead into zombies. At a little over an hour, it's worth one watch, and succeeds in what it does, but you know going in that it's not going to be anything notably great. It's in the FXM rotation and is going to be on again next Monday and Tuesday. 6/10
  8. I was going to say I enjoyed A Matter of Time, until I realized that you were talking about a completely different movie, and the movie I was thinking of was Time After Time, about HG Wells and Jack the Ripper in 1970s San Francisco.
  9. March 11, 6:00 AM: Voltaire (1933). George Arliss spends an hour and change acting in a made-up story about the French writer. It doesn't really matter what the story is, however; George Arliss took a lot of piffle and made it worth watching just for his presence; Voltaire is no different. It's also the final film of workhorse director John G. Adolfi, who died a few months before the film's release.
  10. It should be in a double-bill with MOREY AMSTERDAM.
  11. Then you need to watch The Stepford Wives.
  12. I thought Scrooged was his final role, but IMDb says Houseman had an uncredited role in The Naked Gun.
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