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  1. Lundigan was at Fox in the late 40s and early 50s and is Jeanne Crain's love interest in Pinky, as well as the male lead in Love Nest, which has an early supporting role from Marilyn Monroe. Jacqueline White is one of the two women in The Narrow Margin. Oh, and she's in Crossfire, too.
  2. Design for Living (1933) is all about a threesome involving Gary Cooper, Fredric March, and Miriam Hopkins.
  3. Yes, I get that bar at the top with all the formatting, but it used to be you could manually type out the code which is more or less HTML but in square brackets instead of greater and less than signs. As you can see in my above post, doing either HTML or the square brackets has no effect. You have to take your mouse and highlight the text you want to format, and then click on the appropriate formatting option. This is a lot tougher when you're trying to highlight text on a tablet. Yes, on the PC you could highlight the text and select Ctrl+B or Ctrl+I for bold/italic, but again, that optio
  4. I thought I tried that and the old square brackets forum code, but neither worked. <b>test</b> [b]test[/b] <em>test</em> None of the text winds up bold (well, the last one should be in italics).
  5. Is there no longer any manual code for bold, italics, linking, or the like? If you're on a tablet it's much more irritating to try to highlight the text and then click the proper icon.
  6. You have to see William Castle's Thirteen Frightened Girls.
  7. Czech director best-known for Closely Watched Trains dies aged 82 I have to admit I'm not a particularly big fan of Closely Watched Trains, which gets way too weird about the time the one guy starts rubber-stamping his secretary's buttocks.
  8. It's still on my box guide, for what that's worth.
  9. Alternatively, it's an exploitation movie:
  10. Wait for Cigarjoe to show up and tell us why it should really be classified as a noir.
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