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  1. I don't think anybody's mentioned Ingmar Bergman's Smiles of a Summer Night yet.
  2. Gotta love military thinking and the idea that you can find bliss in Texas.
  3. It seems the problem most people have with the Hollywood Blacklist isn't that it existed, but that it was anti-communists doing the blacklisting Blacklist the "right" group of people and they'd be fine with it.
  4. Anita Loos wrote Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and followed it up with But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes. (Both were, of course, turned into movies in the 1950s.)
  5. I thought Broadway was sinking down the drain of "vintage musical act repackages their catalog into a musical".
  6. Not always: he also did Mrs. Parkington (who I always think should have had an affair with Mr. Skeffington).
  7. The computer lights in Desk Set are reused in the Dick Van Dyke segment of What a Way to Go!
  8. Back in the 1930s, every studio seemed to have a curvy staircase that got used in a rich family's house. I'm assuming each studio just used the same staircase over and over.
  9. Actually, the Gumm sisters appeared as far back as Bubbles in 1930: La Fiesta de Santa Barbara has really nice three-strip Technicolor, too. The picture of the guy singing alongside a horse in the TCM Extras intro is from La Fiesta de Santa Barbara, IIRC.
  10. I've always been more curious about why Sally Kellerman is saying terrible things about me.
  11. To be fair, Lolita might be a bit too stimulating for a six-year-old. Then again, when I was 11 in sixth grade I did a book report on Ian Fleming's Doctor No.
  12. Have you seen the Martin Sheen movie The Incident? It would fit too and is highly worth watching.
  13. Urban Dictionary says "Hit of the Year", in reference to marihuana, so maybe Otto Censor took a big toke.
  14. You could always try watching Georgy Girl.
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