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    Good to see TCM saluting one of Hollywood's most underrated actresses, Rosalind Russell, tonight. Just watched the hilarious "Where Angels Go Trouble Follows", the sequel to "The Trouble With Angels" -- (where is THAT one, TCM? Wish you could have shown the double feature). One can single out so many Russell performances, truly excellent as "Picnic", "Gypsy", "China Seas", the terrific "Night Must Fall", and I especially loved Roz in "The Women". She was great in anything. "Take a Letter Darling" with Fred Macmurray was good, too. She was great at playing brittle career women, not being t
  2. A perfectly wondrous movie! Such a lovely favorite! It had been shown quite a bit on Fox Movie Channel and Cinemax but never on TCM! I am so glad that it has finally made it to TCM tonight. The story is actually by Clare Booth Luce and was truly factual, as in reality two Benedictine nuns founded in the 1940's what is now known as the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem Connecticut. Also little known is the fact that Loretta Young was quite a strict Catholic, causing resentment among the cast and crew as she insisted upon a "swearing box" - anyone caught taking the Lord's name in vain or ot
  3. I am a professional musician and have this movie on VHS and I can tell you that what is playing now as the score is NOT the Hermann score. Whatever happened, there is "filler" music on top of the Hermann score. The Hermann score was brilliant in itself. Someone or something has added the "filler" which has just butchered the score completely. The Hermann score was absolutely perfect for this film, why in the name of heaven was the additional music added. It ruins the whole movie. I just shut the tv off and am playing my VHS tape of Jane Eyre with ONLY the Hermann score and enjoying it immense
  4. Very interesting discussion concerning CBLS - my opinion for what it's worth is that Burt Lancaster was completely miscast as Doc Delaney. Did not have a grasp or idea of the role. I have read that he lobbied extensively for the role despite producers' misgivings, to prove that he was a serious actor, not merely an acrobat, as evidenced in his earlier movie, Trapeze. There had been talk of casting Spencer Tracy in the role of Doc. Now THAT would have been something to see! At any rate, Lancaster has never been one of my favorite actors. TOO intense in whatever he did. The only film that he
  5. I want to thank TCM for the outstanding inclusion of Hal Roach's comedies, particularly The Little Rascals and Laurel and Hardy shorts. One must think subjectively; humor is a product not only of what creativity has evolved throughout the ages, but also of the historical era in which it was created. Laurel and Hardy and the Rascals evolved during the late 20's and 30's, a time when America was immersed in economical and moral depression, not unlike today's threadbare economy. However, it was a much more simplistic age. There were no computers, cell phones, or HDTV, no TV at all. Whatever ente
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