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  1. Thank goodness for the VCR. I tape many "midnite movies" this way. And thank you TCM for showing this long-neglected genre. More-more and keep them B&W!
  2. What a great and reliable character actor. I always link him with George Zucco who were staples in these old horror and suspense thrillers. Son Of Frankestein was his best role, with Dr X coming a close second.. He also did a fine job as the villain in the Captain America serial.
  3. Gone With the Wind came to my mind first. How about Bela Lugosi first greeting Dwight Frye in the original classic Dracula on his decrepit castle stairway. Later the vampire killed the same character on a staircase while fleeing from Van Helsing.
  4. Walter is wonderful. He was great in a serious role or comedic. I enjoyed him best in Sgt. York
  5. I would like to see more silent films, other than on midnight Sundays. My favorite stars of the era such as DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS SR., WS HART, HARREY CAREY, TOM MIX, and MARY PICKFORD. Also more MYSTERIES, with such films series as CHARLIE CHAN, SHERLOCK HOLMES. THE FALCON, THE SAINT, AND BULLDOG DRUMMOND.
  6. Captain Marvel was great!!! This is the first time I've seen the Superman serials, though I've heard alot about them, mostly bad. Out of several dozen serials I've seen over the years, Superman and its sequal is THE BEST by far!!! Hope TCM will make serials a regular part of its lineup.
  7. I agree about Tarzan's New York Adventure. Very good and one of my favorites. Gordon Scott was closest to the real Tarzan from the novels, but Weismuller is still my favorite.
  8. Blade Runner is my favorite, and I like the original more than the recent director's cut. Harrison Ford's voice over gave it a real film noir feeling.
  9. I remember this with Peter Graves. It ended like there would be a sequel, but it never happened, that I know of.
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