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  1. I've drifted away from these message boards for most of the last 4 or 5 years, but with the sad news of Robert Osborne's passing, I just want to express my condolences. I've continued watching movies on TCM, but I have missed RO's appearances over the past couple years. His intros always made movie watching more interesting and entertaining by adding some background info. He was good at what he did and I will really miss that. RIP Mr. Osborne.
  2. The Legend Of Tarzan, to be released July 1st, starring Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie, will be a Tarzan movie quite unlike any made in the past. Directed by David Yates of the Harry Potter films. Trailer link below: http://www.star2.com/entertainment/movies/movie-news/2016/04/05/sneak-peek-the-legend-of-tarzan/
  3. About 1961, The Blackwells had a minor hit single called Love or Money. Great record!
  4. Lois Lane, falling from the top of the Daily Planet building and her first encounter with Superman. He catches her in mid-fall and says, "Don't worry miss, I've got you." Lois Lane looks at him, then looks down and says, "You got me! Who's got you!" Cracks me up.
  5. Today would have been the 100th birthday of Roy Rogers. I just wanted to mention it. Now, if I can find my copy of *MY Pal Trigger* .....
  6. Today would have been the 100th birthday of Roy Rogers. I just wanted to mention it.
  7. Dad-gummit! Now I gotta see this movie again. I'd seen it twice before: Once in the sixties and again several years back on my brother's DVD. Both times I watched it for the performances of the cast members, I guess because I like the entire cast and I liked watching them work. I will say that I thought John Wayne's performance seemed a little over the top in some scenes. I figured he was trying to out-act James Stewart and out-macho Lee Marvin and Woody Strode. But as I read this thread and the thread in the Western threads on this movie, I can see the motivation. I guess as I watche
  8. " *Well, what am I, chopped liver? I believe I was the poster who originally challenged the post about the comparison of Elvis to MM regarding movie star status ( well, me and someone who probably doesn't want to be pulled into this.)* *Not that it matters, really, but it does make me feel a little invisible to put effort and thought into attempting to write clear and cohesive messages, only to have them completely ignored. I do agree with darkblue about this, and his posts make their point most intelligently, but I'm not sure why he's the only one being credited with continuing this deba
  9. "( I mean, gosh, this is such an important issue- never mind the stock market situation, or what's happening in, say, Somalia, - this is the stuff of true debate." There is a time and place for everything. These boards are to debate movies. But getting past the unintended sarcasm, and getting on to the subject at hand, I'm reminded of others who have special talents that got them in movies. Frank Sinatra, one of the world's most famous singers. Was he a movie star? Jerry Seinfeld, a stand-up comic. Famous for one of the best TV comedy series of all time. Gene Kelly, best known
  10. First of all, I want to apologize to the OP for derailing his thread. I didn't expect it to take such a turn. But Darkblue, your post: "Elvis was not a movie star. He did try (for a time) to transition his pop-icon fame into an acting career, but he couldn't maintain the ambition to see it through. It doesn't really matter how many movie titles are in his filmography - they were mostly just marketing videos to sell the albums (soundtracks) that were released alongside. As an usher for 5 years in the 60's I can testify that it was primarily teeny boppers and pre-teens that came to s
  11. Miss Wonderly, (there's something about that screen name...) I hafta go out for a little while, but a little later I will respond again. Don't worry we'll be friends.
  12. I'm not saying he was primarily a movie star. I know he was primarily a rock singer. And yes, his legacy is primarily in music, but he was a movie star, and it was his idea, his wish, his dream, his goal, to become an actor. (The quality of his movies and the degree of his acting talents are fodder for a different discussion.) Whether or not his movies are to taken seriously, is not the issue. He was a movie star. He was in the same business as the other movie stars of the day. The comparison is valid.
  13. " Not to quibble, but the OP said "no other MOVIE star comes close..." While, yes, he did appear in a number of movies, but Elvis was unquestionably more a Rock 'n Roll star than a movie star. If people are asked "who was Elvis Presley, anyway?" they would answer, "just the most famous and beloved rock n roll star who ever lived". NOT, "He was a movie star who happened to sing rock n roll too." Not really an apt comparison." Oh c'mon, the guy made 31 movies. All successful. He was a movie star, too. Yes he was so much more. The greatest of rock stars, yes. But his
  14. "No other deceased movie star comes close to having generated the same incredibly vast numbers of: retrospectives ... documentaries ... biographies ... critiques ... rumors ... resurgences in popularity ... " etc... Elvis Presley's legacy, or legend, is equal or greater than that of Marilyn Monroe. I'm pretty sure of it.
  15. No joke. Of course the resemblance is in the face only. The facial features and the shape of the face. I've been having a slow day at work today, and had plenty of time to romp through this thread. I went back about 70 pages. In doing so, I saw an entry for Gordon Scott and Kerwin Mathews. I see that resemblance, too. So, could Gordon Scott, Kerwin Mathews and Jerry Seinfeld be related? Naw, but they sure lookalike.
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